B.Com – Corporate Accounting and Taxation

The B.Com. programme, from Presidency University, is a 3-year undergraduate program in commerce offered with a view to impart to students an in-depth knowledge and skill in understanding concepts associated with Corporate Accounting and Taxation. The Curriculum offered includes a blend of contemporary areas of domain expertise, like Accountancy, Economics, Management, Banking, Taxation and Law. The primary goal of this Commerce programme is to produce graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills required to meet the challenges of the modern day businesses. This Programme is also focused on training students to pursue higher education in the realm of Professional Accountancy like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship and Cost Management Accountancy.

This Programme is aimed at equipping the students with the skills associated with Professional Accountants in the realm of Corporate Accounting and associated areas of Taxation. Armed with in-depth knowledge of facets of Personal and Corporate Taxation, Financial Markets, Accounting, Economics, Financial Management, Banking, Risk Management and Derivatives. Students graduating with this B.Com Degree find job opportunities in Large Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Business Schools, Consultancy Entities, Insurance Companies, etc.

Programme Duration

Three years; Full-time Programme