Chairperson Dr. Anubha Singh, Vice Chancellor In-Charge
External Expert Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahiman, Former Vice Chancellor, Kannur and Calicut Universities
External Expert Dr. Shakuntala Katre, Former Dean(Science)/ Chairman, Department of Zoology, Bangalore University & Former Senior Academic Consultant, NAAC
Teachers Dr. A.M. Surendra Kumar, Pro-Vice Chancellor
Dr. K. Srinivasan, Dean, School of Management
Dr. Shilpa Mehta, Professor & Dean Academics
Dr. C.S Ramesh, Professor & Dean, Research and Innovation
Dr. Abdul Sharief, Professor & Dean, School of Engineering
Dr. Md. Sameeruddin Khan, Professor & Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Dr. K. Krishna Kumar, Professor & Associate Dean, School of Management
Dr. Sandeep S Desai, Professor & Dean, School of Law
Dr. B.V. Prabhu, Professor & Associate Director-Career Services and Industry Connect
Dr. Shakkeera. L, Professor & Associate Dean, SOCSE
Dr. Shrishail B Anadinni, Professor & Associate Dean, SOE
Dr. Anu Sukhdev, Professor & Assistant Dean, DSA
Dr. Nakul Ramanna, Professor and HOD, Civil Engineering Department
Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Professor & HOD, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department
Dr. V Joshi Manohar, Professor & HOD, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
Dr. Satish Babu B, Professor & HOD, Mechanical Engineering Department
Dr. Suman Paul, Professor & HOD, Petroleum Engineering Department
Dr. Rajeshwani M, Professor and HOD, Mathematics Deparment
Dr. U. Mahaboob Pasha, Professor & HOD, Physics Department
Dr. Shashikala A. R., Professor & HOD, Chemistry Department
Dr Venkata Ramani Challa. Professor  & HOD, Language Department
Dr. M J Arul, Dean-in-charge, School of Management
Dr. Kavitha Mathad, Dean, School of Commerce & Economics
Mr. Bhaskar Mitra, Director, School of Design
Mr. Muralidhar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, SOE
Management Representative Mr. Salman Ahmed, Vice President
Senior Administrative Officers Dr. Sameena Noor Ahmed Panali, Registrar
Mr. Mrinmoy Biswas, Registrar – Accreditations & Corporate Relations
Dr. Sheshadri K N, Head Librarian
Nominee from Local Society, Students and Alumni Mr. Harish, Local Society Representative
Ms. Aditi Rajesh, Student Representative, Roll No: Roll No: 20232MBL0020 [SOM]
Ms Ashwi, Student Representative, Roll No: 20221BSM0014 [SOD]
Ms. Khushi K Kotian, , Student Representative, Roll No:220201CAI0048 [SOCSE]
Mr. Ankit Krishnan, Student Representative, Roll No: 20221BAJ0003 [SOMS]
Mr. Vivek Trivedi, Student Representative, Roll No:20211BBA0256 [SOC]
Mr. Sreejith B, Student Representative, Roll No:201913200087 [SOL]
Mr. Vinod Angadi, Alumni Representative [MBA – 2019-21]
Mr. Isaac, Alumni Representative [CSE -2015-19 Batch]
Nominee from Employers/Industrialists/Stakeholders Ms. Nikki Kumari, No Head, Employer Representative
Ms. Poonam D Sharma , Reliance Retail-HR Head, Employer Representative
Ms. Reena Sanjay Rajpal, Parent Representative
Mr. Farooq A Peer, Parent Representative
Ms. Sujatha R, Parent Representative
Coordinator of the IQAC Dr. Badri H.S, Deputy Director-IQAC