Computer Engineering and Data Science

B. Tech in Computer Engineering with specialisation in Data Science (DS) is a new, exponentially growing field which consists of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data. The programme encompasses data Science as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving oriented subject that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems.

The course curriculum involves a blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to analytically solve complex problems. The programme imparts a confluence of skills in three major areas of mathematical expertise, technology hacking skills and business strategy and acumen.

The core of this programme is the ultimate use of enormous data in creative ways to generate business value. Hidden insights are brought to the fore to enable companies to make smarter business decisions. Data Science programme orients on practical classes and self-study during the preparation of datasets and programming of data analysis tasks.

The Data is everywhere and is growing faster than ever before. With the exponential growth of Data and Information derived from it, the Data Science has emerged as prime focus of study and research. Data Science has become key component in the digital era and remains as top technology driving entire business space.
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering (CSD) is a four year Program which leads to specialization in Data Science. The Data Science, basically is a combination of important domains namely Mathematics, Computer Programming, Statistics and Design which is applied in order to successfully manage Digital Data. The Program offered is a modern pedagogy designed to meet the global demand for qualified Data Scientists.

Computer Engineering is a very dynamic discipline and its impact is all pervasive. Data science is the creation and application of powerful new methods to collect, curate, analyze, and make discoveries from large-scale data.
Big data often refers to the massive amounts of complex information that are difficult to manipulate and understand using traditional processing methods. Data science is focused on the concepts, methods, and applications for extracting meaning from big data—it has become one of the key emerging disciplines of the 21st century.
This new Program, B.Tech (Computer Engineering and Data Science) has a dual objective: provide solid foundations in Computer Engineering and introduce Data Science and the new tools it provides to manage huge amounts of data to lead us to better understand and, ideally, solve some of the greatest challenges facing the world today in medicine and health, energy and the environment, economics and politics, and many other areas. The employment potential and career options are huge as data science impacts all sciences, business, and our everyday lives.


Designed in collaboration with IBM with curriculum designed by PU Faculty along and IBM IT Experts

Students do two major projects in fourth year
Imparting Skills in students through-

  • Personality Development Program
  • Advanced java programming, Computer graphics and visualization, Network security and cryptography,
  • Simulation and modelling, creation of RAID groups, snapshots, clones and mirrors in the NAVISPHERE simulator.
  • Introduction to versatility of LINUX to support apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL as Open source software
    C, C++, Core JAVA, .Net, Python, Note JS, Angular JS, LISP , Prolog , Data Analytics tools

Industry certifications, MOOCs, Hackathons / Co-curricular Competitive events, Workshops, Guest lectures, Educational Trips, Live projects, Incubation projects, Community projects, Extensive and in-depth workshops relevant to Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Statistical tools and Business Intelligence Tools.



  • Knowledge on techniques and theories related to data science which includes statistics, data mining, data warehousing and data visualization.
  • Use python programming language to clean and process the data.
  • Implement data intensive computing techniques using cloud infrastructure
  • Apply evolutionary computing techniques to create an intelligent data management system.
  • Use data analytics tools for big data analysis and generate the expected or appropriate reports using visualization tools.

(i) The students are highly sort after as they are market ready. ​

(ii) High acceptability and quick deployment in the core sector.​

Help blend the content into the curriculum.



Students are also highly accepted by foreign Universities for Higher Education. ​

(i) For professionals in this domain for Database Administrators, Data Architects, Data Visualizers, Data Engineers, Data Ecologists, Data Science Consultant, Financial Modeler, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Analyst, Data Technologies Specialist
(ii) Demand is prevalent in almost every industry. After completing this course one can go for higher education like M. Tech or MS or ME +PhD course from abroad as well.


Pre-University / Higher Secondary /10+2 examination Pass with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with either Chemistry / Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subject

Obtained at least 45% marks (40% in case of candidates belonging to Reserved Category) in the above subjects taken together

Appeared for JEE (Main); JEE (Advanced); Karnataka CET; COMED-K; PUEET-2020 or any other State-level Engineering Entrance Examination.



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