Important dates for MBA- GDPI
Design Entrance Test Date: 31.03.2020. (Online)

Studio Test Date:15.04.2020 (In campus)

School of Engineering

Computer Engineering and Data Science

Program Overview

Welcome to Computer Engineering and Data Science Department, School of Engineering, Presidency University, Bengaluru.

The Data is everywhere and is growing faster than ever before. With the exponential growth of Data and Information derived from it, the Data Science has emerged as prime focus of study and research. Data Science has become key component in the digital era and remains as top technology driving entire business space.
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering (CSD) is a four year Program which leads to specialization in Data Science. The Data Science, basically is a combination of important domains namely Mathematics, Computer Programming, Statistics and Design which is applied in order to successfully manage Digital Data. The Program offered is a modern pedagogy designed to meet the global demand for qualified Data Scientists.

Computer Engineering is a very dynamic discipline and its impact is all pervasive. Data science is the creation and application of powerful new methods to collect, curate, analyze, and make discoveries from large-scale data.
Big data often refers to the massive amounts of complex information that are difficult to manipulate and understand using traditional processing methods. Data science is focused on the concepts, methods, and applications for extracting meaning from big data—it has become one of the key emerging disciplines of the 21st century.
This new Program, B.Tech (Computer Engineering and Data Science) has a dual objective: provide solid foundations in Computer Engineering and introduce Data Science and the new tools it provides to manage huge amounts of data to lead us to better understand and, ideally, solve some of the greatest challenges facing the world today in medicine and health, energy and the environment, economics and politics, and many other areas. The employment potential and career options are huge as data science impacts all sciences, business, and our everyday lives.



Career Opportunities

The Data Scientists find fastest growing career opportunities and play an essential role in Software development related to all the Engineering specializations and as Data analysis in all the walks of Business. The graduates will also be able to pursue careers in research by pursuing higher studies such as MS and Ph.D in the national and international Universities.