Where metamorphosis manifests

Presidency University boasts of a very vibrant Campus Life. The Presidency Way of Life is all about individuality merging into mainstream diversity of the Presidency Fabric. The Campus offers an opportunity to every Freshman stepping into the Campus for the first time, to experience his/her own metamorphosis from a caterpillar-like Student into a Corporate World-ready and worthy Butterfly-like Graduate.

Presidency University is not a mere Portal of Learning. It is the very edifice where a social fabric inter-woven with diversity and co-existence is founded. It is nesting ground for Students of all nationalities and cultures who study together, interact and interface with each other, exchange views and enrich each other, ultimately creating a community of like-minded Presidencions, similar yet different in their own ways.

Student Life

As every freshman steps into the Portal of the Presidency University, he/she is oriented to the Presidency Way of Life. Students and Parents are inducted into the various Academic Programs, Academic Regulations, Academic Rigour including the Outcome Based Learning Norms and knowledge of the Choice Based Credit System Regime, the Evaluation Process, Student-centric Events, Internal Systems, Sub-systems and Processes.



The Presidency University functions on a 62-Acre lush green Campus. This State of the Art Campus is professionally equipped with the latest in Design and Technology. Its Buildings are aesthetically designed with optimal utilization of the floor space. The various Blocks are connected, floor to floor, through Steel Bridges, which facilitates seamless movement across the Campus. The Laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipment. Classrooms are spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated.

Virtual Tour of the University Campus

Experience the ambience of the Presidency University Campus. Take a Virtual Tour of the Campus and its surroundings. A 3600 Tour offers you an insight into the Campus, it ambience, its vibrancy and above the lush green “Chilling Zones” for the Students to spend quality time .


Community Sensitivity

Acknowledging that Universities have a role to play in the socio-economic development of the Civic Society, Presidency University has introduced many path-breaking initiatives by way of Social Outreach Services.