Dear Parents ,

Presidency University has taken the initiative of arranging a Facility of availing Educational Loan, through a dedicated arrangement with afew FinTech Companies, Only for the Academic Year 2020-21 2022-23. Under this Scheme the University will absorb the interest-cost, with the Loan being repaid in ten [10] Monthly Instalments. Eligibility Conditions will apply. Please click on the link below to start the Process of Application.


Jodo – EMI facility for your fees at 0% interest

Parents have the flexibility to pay the fees in monthly installments at 0% interest and No Extra Cost through Jodo, a financial services company by IIT-IIM alumni.

Jodo monthly payment plan offers the following benefits for all students:

  • Covers all courses offered by Presidency University
  • Fully digital process, less than 20 minutes to complete all formalities
  • Only PAN number required for initial registration and approval
  • 24X7 helpline number to assist you in your application

Apply for the Jodo monthly plan by filling up this 2-minute application or call 9606108182

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Up to 10% of fees as cashback | 0% interest | 0 processing fee | 100% education insurance
A Google Incubated company, founded by IIT/IIM alumni, Financepeer is on a mission to provide access to education to students worldwide.
Advocated by Rohit Sharma, the brand ambassador, we have
Reach of more than 3 million students and 13000+ institutes in more than 100 cities across the country.

• Entire year’s fee in 10 EASY EMI’s @ 0% INTEREST & 0 COST
• Up to 10% fees as Cashback & Rewards
• Free 100% Education Insurance
• Access to100+ premium Academic and Non-academic learning content.
• Application completion in 10 minutes.

out at or +91 6282 244 696 for any
further assistance.


If the parents or students need any Clarification or Support in relation to the Educational Loan Facility in general or Interest Free Loan Facility arranged by the University through Dedicated Financial Institutions , please do Contact

Mr. Francis Xavier, General Manager

98865 53813

“That the transaction of loan would be an independent transaction between the lender and student. Also this assistance provided to student, would not create any legal or other obligation or contract between the University and the Student in so far as the loan is concerned.

Financing Education, Fulfilling Dreams Rewards & Cashbacks | 100% education insurance | 0% interest | 0 processing fee Financepeer is a Google incubated firm operating nationally. With Rohit Sharma as brand ambassador and Vivek Oberoi as our Strategic Advisor, we take pride in approving loan applications within 10 minutes for more than 1 million students. ‘`Fee Payment karni hai, to Finance Peer hi karo!’ Rohit Sharma | Vivek Oberoi | Instagram Rohit Sharma- Vivek Oberoi- Instagram- [wpi_designer_button text=’Apply’ link=’’ style_id=’25370′ target=’_blank’] [wpi_designer_button text=’About Financepeer’ link=’’ style_id=’25370′ target=’_blank’] EDUVANZ Aimed at facilitating Single-window Processing of Educational Loan Applications of Parents of its Students, Presidency University has entered into an arrangement with Eduvanz for the expeditious approval, from its Empanelled Banks, of such Loan Applications, all Eligibility Norms being met. [wpi_designer_button text=’Apply’ link=’’ style_id=’25370′ target=’_blank’] [wpi_designer_button text=’EMI Calculator’ link=’’ style_id=’25370′ target=’_blank’] Propelld A future of Education Financing, Propelld helps facilitate Parents of students with hassle-free loans for the esteemed Presidency University. A completely digitized process with no physical verification requirement. [wpi_designer_button text=’Apply’ link=’’ style_id=’25370′ target=’_blank’] [wpi_designer_button text=’About Propelld’ link=’’ style_id=’25370′ target=’_blank’]