Ragging is a cognizable offense and Presidency University will take strict action against offenders

Anti Ragging Measures

Pursuant to the directives of the Honourable Supreme Court of India and in accordance with the UGC Regulations, on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009, the University has constituted the Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti-Ragging Squads for overseeing the strict and meticulous implementation of all the directives. The members of the anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squads along with their mobile numbers are being displayed for the benefit of the students specially the newly admitted students.

Definition Of Ragging

“Any conduct by any student or students, whether by word spoken or written or by an act, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student. Exploiting the students from completing academic tasks and financial extortion. Any act of physical abuse, including all its variants – sexual abuse, homosexual assaults, and stripping, forcing obscene and lewd acts, gestures, causing bodily harm or any other danger to health of a person. Any act that prevents disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of other students”.
The University educates the students enrolled in various programs at the beginning of each academic year about the Anti-Ragging Policy and zero tolerance for ragging at the University.
Each student, as well as his/her parents/ guardian, are mandatorily required to submit separate undertakings in the form of an affidavit at the time of admission to the effect that they are aware of the prohibition of ragging and the punishment prescribed both under penal laws as well as under these regulations.
Anti-ragging hoardings, banners, billboards are displayed at prominent places in the University campus, including hostels, canteens, messes, cafeterias, buses, playgrounds, lawns, labs, etc.
Surprise checks of hostels/canteens/cafeteria/bus stop are carried out regularly.
A close and regular liaison is maintained with the local police to guard against the incident of ragging. FIR will be lodged in a police station on all reported ragging cases.
Daily briefing of fresher’s is carried out by counselors and coordinators.
An anti-ragging committee of the students is also formed.
In case any student encounters ragging by any of the senior students, he/she is immediately required to contact the members of the anti-ragging committee, who will take an immediate corrective action and necessary proceedings will be initiated against the culprits engaged in ragging activities.

The composition for Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad are as follows:


Sl. No Name & Designation Email Id Contact No.
1. Dr. Surendra Kumar A. M

Pro- Vice Chancellor




2. Dr. Sameena Noor Ahmed Panali





3. Dr. Krishna Kumar

Professor & Associate Dean, School of Management




4. Dr. Sandeep Desai

Professor & Dean, School of Law


sandeep.desai@presidencyuniversity.in 9686689976
5. Dr. Mohammed Sameeruddin Khan

Professor and Dean, School of CSE and IS


Sameerhddinkhan@presidencyuniversity.in 9916481706
6. Dr Malar Valli


Language – Kannada

Department of Language


malarvili@presidencyuniversity.in 8217799758
7. Dr. Ranjiv Ranjan Singh


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Rajivranjansingh@presidencyuniversity.in 8217799758
8. Dr. Bhagyashree

Assistant Professor

School of Design

Bhagyashree.nadig@presidencyuniversity.in 7411184414
      9. Mr. Syed Shoukath Ali

Head, Housing facilities

Shoukathali@presidencyuniversity.in 9902299227
      10. Mr. Vinod


Vinraj96@gmail.com 9886200174
      11. Shri Mangeelal Patel







     12. Maj Gen Gurdeep Narang

Dean Student Affairs & Chief Proctor


gurdeep.narang@presidencyuniversity.in 9648774394
Punishment For Ragging
  1. Lodging FIR against offender.
  2. Rigorous Imprisonment for up to 3 years (under court of law).
  3. Fine up to Rs. 2, 50,000/- .
  4. Expulsion from Presidency University and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.



1 Maj. Gen. Gurdeep Narang    gurdeep.narang@presidencyuniversity.in
2 Dr. Uday Ravi Professor udayaravim@presidencyuniversity.in
3 Dr. Madhusudhan M Asst. Prof. – Senior Scale & Asst. COE madhusudhan@presidencyuniversity.in
4 Dr. Arpitha G R Asst. Prof.  Sel. Grade – Mech arpithagr@presidencyuniversity.in
5 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Professor – Maths pradeepkumar@presidencyuniversity.in
6 Dr. M.V Chakradhara Rao Assoc. Professor – Maths chakradararao@presidencyuniversity.in
7 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Asst. Prof.   Selection Grade – Maths sandeepkumar@presidencyuniversity.in
8 Dr. Shilpa N Professor – Selection Grade – Maths shilpa.n@presidencyuniversity.in
9 Dr. Alamelu Mangai Jothidurai Assoc. Professor – CSE alamelu.jothidurai@presidencyuniversity.in
10 Dr. Madhusudhan M V Asst. Professor – CSE madhusudhanmv@presidencyuniversity.in
11 Mr. Raghavendra T S Asst. Professor – CSE raghavendra@presidencyuniversity.in
12 Mr. Manjunath K V Asst. Professor – CSE manjunathkv@presidencyuniversity.in
13 Mr. Mohammed Ziaur Rahman Asst. Professor – CSE mdziaurrahaman@presidencyuniversity.in
14 Mr. Afroz Pasha Asst. Professor – CSE afrozpasha@presidencyuniversity.in
15 Mr. Prakash B Metre Asst. Professor – CSE prakashbmetre@presidencyuniversity.in
16 Mr. Raghavendra M Devadas Asst. Professor – CSE raghavendra.devdas@presidencyuniversity.in
17 Dr. Vignesh R Asst. Professor – CSE vigneshr@presidencyuniversity.in
18 Dr. Rupam Bhagawathi Asst. Professor – CSE rupambhagawati@presidencyuniversity.in
19 Dr. Emilin Shyni Professor – CSE emilinshyni.c@presidencyuniversity.in
20 Dr. Madhura K Asst. Professor – CSE madhura@presidencyuniversity.in
21 Ms. Shwetha Singh Asst. Professor – CSE shwetasingh@presidencyuniversity.in
22 Mr. John Bennet J Asst. Professor – CSE john.bennet@presidencyuniversity.in
23 Ms. Meena Kumari Asst. Professor – CSE meenakumari.ks@presidencyuniversity.in
24 Mr. Naganathan C Trainer trainer12@presidencyuniversity.in
25 Dr. Dileep R Professor dileep.r@presidencyuniversity.in
26 Mr. Mohammed Shahnawaz Hussain Asst. Professor – ECE Shahnawaz.Hussain@presidencyuniversity.in
27 Dr. Bhanurekha Assoc. Prof.  – Selection Grade – ECE bhanurekha@presidencyuniversity.in
28 Mr. Bhavan Kumar M Asst. Professor – Civil Engg bhavankumar.m@presidencyuniversity.in
29 Mr. Santhosh M B Asst. Professor – Civil Engg santhoshmb@presidencyuniversity.in
30 Dr. Madhavi T Asst. Prof.  Selection Grade madhavit@presidencyuniversity.in
31 Dr. Sourav Mukherjee Asst. Professor – PET sourav.mukherjee@presidencyuniversity.in
32 Mr. Ravi Angadi Asst. Professor – EEE raviangadi@presidencyuniversity.in
33 Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Reddy Asso. Professor – Phys. ranjethkumar@presidencyuniversity.in
34 Dr. Kiran Kumar Nittali Asst. Prof. Eng. kirankumar.nittali@presidencyuniversity.in
35 Dr. Prachi Beriwala Asso. Professor – SOM prachi.beriwala@presidencyuniversity.in
36 Dr. Deepika Krishnan Asst. Professor – SOM deepika.k@presidencyuniversity.in
37 Dr. Jayakrishna Udupa H Asst. Professor – SOM jayakrishna.udupa@presidencyuniversity.in
38 Dr Chitamber Gupta Professor – SOM chithambargupta@presidencyuniversity.in
39 Dr. Venkata Rangaiah Asso. Professor – SOM venkata.rangaiah@presidencyuniversity.in
40 Dr Sunil M Rashinkar Asst. Professor – SOM sunilrashinkar@presidencyuniversity.in
41 Dr. Hemanth Kumar V Asst. Professor – SOC hemanth.kumar@presidencyuniversity.in
42 Dr. Mounica Vallabhaneni Asst. Professor – SOC mounicav@presidencyuniversity.in
43 Dr. Vijayakumar N C, Asst. Professor – SOC vijayakumar.nc@presidencyuniversity.in
44 Dr. Anouja Mohanty Asst. Professor – SOC anouja.mohanty@presidencyuniversity.in
45 Dr. Annette Christinal Arun Anand Asst. Professor – SOC annette.c@presidencyuniversity.in
46 Dr. Ritty Francis Asso. Professor – SOC ritty.francis@presidencyuniversity.in
47 Dr. Syed Abid Hussain Asso. Professor – SOC syedabid.hussain@presidencyuniversity.in
48 Dr. K Renju Mathai Asso. Professor – SOC renju.mathai@presidencyuniversity.in
49 Dr. Afzalur Rahman Professor – SOC afzalur.rahman@presidencyuniversity.in
50  Dr. P S Varsha Asso. Professor – SOC varsha.ps@presidencyuniversity.in
51 Dr. Syed Ahmed Wajih Asso. Professor – SOC syed.wajih@presidencyuniversity.in
52 Dr. Mohm. Saleem SOL mohd.saleem@presidencyuniversity.in
53 Sofiul Ahmed SOL sofiul.ahmed@presidencyuniversity.in
54 Pushpita Dutta SOL pushpita.dutta@presidencyuniversity.in
55 Mr. Karthik M Asst. Professor – SOD karthik.m@presidencyuniversity.in
56 Mr. Melwinsamuel Rajamani Asst. Professor – SOD melwinsamuel.r@presidencyuniversity.in
57 Ms. M. Kruthika Asst. Professor – SOD kruthika.m@presidencyuniversity.in
58 Ms. Priyaranjan Asst. Professor – SOD priyaranjan.b@presidencyuniversity.in
59 Ms. Padmavati S Asst. Professor – SOMS padmavathi.s@presidencyuniversity.in
60 Dr. Ravi Kumar Professor – ENGLISH ravikumar.r@presidencyuniversity.in
61 Dr. Arif Ali Khan Director – SPORTS arifali.khan@presidencyuniversity.in
62 Mr. Srikanth V Coach – SPORTS srikanthv@presidencyuniversity.in
Boys Hostel In charges   
63 Syed Shoukathali DirectorStudent Housing shoukathali@presidencyuniversity.in
64 Denton Dingle Warden denton.dingle@presidency.edu.in
65 Jaddi Rao Warden jramarao@presidencyuniversity.in
66 Sathish Warden Sathishp@presidencyuniversity.in
67 Narendra Kumar thakur Warden Narendrakumarthakur@presidencyuniversity.in
68 Waseem Pasha Admin Associate wasimpasha@presidencyuniversity.in
69 Prasanjith Shetty Facility Manager prasanjith@presidencyuniversity.in
Girls Hostel In charges   
70 Zareena Ali Residence Officer zareena.ali@presidency.edu.in
71 Sunita Nair Warden sunithanair@presidencyuniversity.in
72 Chitra Warden chitrachitra54968@gmail.com
73 Maryann Grace Grant Warden maryann.gracegrant@presidencyuniversity.in
74 Anup Singh plus 10 guards Administration anupsingh@presidencyuniversity.in


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