Important dates for MBA- GDPI
Design Entrance Test Date: 31.03.2020. (Online)

Studio Test Date:15.04.2020 (In campus)

School of Engineering

Computer and Communication Engineering

Program Overview

Bachelor of Technology in Computer and Communication Engineering (CCE) is an amalgamation of Computer Science (Software Development) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). The main focus of this program is Computing and communication (wired and wireless). It covers basic and advanced courses in computer science, communication networks, Cloud and Grid Computing. The CCE program also includes the hands-on with latest tools and technologies in the field of computing and Communications.

Career Opportunities

The graduates will have a wider scope of the program as it embraces the capabilities of two varied majors namely Computing (both Hardware and software aspects) and Communication. The graduates of this program will find ample opportunities in IT companies as well as computer Network and communication sectors. The graduates will also be able to pursue careers in research by pursuing higher studies such as MS and Ph.D in national and international Universities.