Skills that Matter the Most for MBA Students: Communication Skills – Part II

Communication Skills is an important skill that a MBA student must possess. Unanimously all the employers will seek candidates with excellent communication skills. Strong Communication skills will make a prospective candidate to stand  apart  in a  the crowd. As per various QS International Recruiters’ surveys between 2007-12, Communication Skill is given high importance by recruiters […]

Skills that Matter the Most for MBA Students – Part I

The quest for quality MBA students is never ending. In the recent past many surveys have been undertaken and they reveal that the Employability of MBA students are at stake.  The corporate world has undergone many changes in the recent times in terms of nature of work and process improvisation and technological innovation. The workplace […]

Are the new Guidelines in the FDI for the Marketplace E-Retailers regressive ?

Very recently the Government of India decided to permit 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment in E-commerce companies that operate under the marketplace model. For many of us who were expecting innovative reforms in the realm of FDI were very disappointed. Old wine in new bottles, perhaps? E-Commerce Business is acknowledged as the most fast-growing […]

Data Mining Techniques in Biomedical Imaging

Today in almost every engineering field that we name, biomedical, energy, chemical, electrical etc, applications of data mining techniques are gaining more significance. This blog discusses about the application of these techniques for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is a disease that occurs in diabetic patients due to damage in blood vessels. If not diagnosed […]

Is the Magnitude of Foreign Direct Investment an indicator of Economic Growth?

By Prof Soman Nambiar ( School of Management) , Presidency University   Is the Magnitude of Foreign Direct Investment an indicator of Economic Growth?.. a review in the light of the recent Government norms on FDI in the  E-commerce Companies following the marketplace model ……   To comprehend this aspect, one needs to have a […]

Ban on fixed dose combination drugs in India

By – Dr. Anu Sukhdev, Assistant Professor (School of Engineering), Presidency University   On March 10 2016, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has banned the sale of 344 fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs in India, including several antibiotics, analgesics like Combiflam, Nimesulide and  most popular codeine-containing cough syrups like Benadryl, Corex as they […]

Cities and villages – where will students of today work?

By – Dr. Amir Ullah Khan   The total number of villages in India have remained more or less constant, we now have 6.45 lakh villages compared to 6.40 in 2001. The question is where do we see people migrating to?  It was in 2010 that the UN declared Delhi and the National Capital Territory […]

Management of Quality of Non-Performing Assets

Non Performing Assets, as the term implies, do not generate any returns for the bank. In compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices and in accordance with the Basel norms there is a need for the Banks to classify NPAs into categories based on the migration of the assets from good to bad. The Non […]

Provisioning for Credit Risk under NPA Management

In case Standard Assets the banks have to make a general provision of 0.4% on all its financial assets except in respect of those extended to the priority sectors like Agriculture and Small & Medium Enterprise , where it is 0.25%. In case of Commercial Real Estate it is 100% If the asset is classified […]

Why is the Global Crude Oil Price Declining???

By – Prof. Soman Nambiar, Sr. Professor, School of Management, Presidency University The days of boom for the Oil Industry seem to be over. The Oil industry is experiencing the biggest downturn since the late Nineties. Oil companies have been forced to decommission more than 70% of their rigs along with sharp reduction of investment […]

The Pre-Budget Economic Scenario- Is it as good as it is projected?

By – Prof. Soman Nambiar, Sr. Professor, School of Management, Presidency University The much awaited Pre-Budget Economic Survey is out. As always, it captures the scenario quite articulately but is the picture what it is? Highly debatable indeed. Let us analyse 3 critical economic factors discussed in the survey. Finding #1: It has pegged economic […]

Trading in Commodities – Does it guarantee returns?

Commodity-Trading in the Exchanges involves predetermined standards so as to ensure that trades can be completed without recourse to visual inspection of the underlying assets. Trading and/or investing in commodities can be very different from trading and/or investing in equity [share] instruments or debt [bonds] instruments.   Commodity prices are very sensitive to global economic conditions. […]