What are the Skills a Marketer Needs to Have?


Good marketers sell products and services. Great marketers sell experiences. As a marketer, along with academic qualifications, you are required to have certain skills that will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Some skills you might possess naturally and some you will learn along the way, but these skills will help you succeed in the competitive field of marketing.

Unique Approach

The foremost skill you need you to have is to be different and have a unique approach. ‘Think out-of-the-box’ would be another way to put it. We live in a world where consumers are constantly being marketed toby aggressive marketing campaigns, making them impervious to run-of-the-mill communication. As a marketer, you have to be different and unforgettable. You need to tread the path less taken, and have a trademark difference that sets you apart.

Critical Thinking

Whenever faced with a situation, you need to analyse, interpret, and evaluate the situation, and come to the right conclusion that will dictate your next course of action. Critical thinking lets you see a situation emphatically, and come to the right conclusion. A small exercise you can do when faced with a situation is that you can ask yourself questions like “Who? What? When? Where? Why? &How?” This is the start of critical thinking. In time, you will find yourself asking better, more analytical questions.

Time Management

The skill of time management is not only useful to a marketer, but it is also useful to any professional. Managing your time makes you better at everything. You can allot time and due importance to different tasks. This will automatically make you more efficient and accurate in your work as a professional marketer.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills help you solve problems. The best marketers in the world have amazing analytical skills. From a sea of data, they accurately analyse the latest trends, understand the customer sentiment, and spot other important aspects. Based on these, they develop marketing strategies. This is an acquired skill, and with expert guidance and experience, your analysing speeds become quicker, more accurate.

Soft Skills

Possibly the most important of all, as a marketer, if you don’t have any soft skills, you are entering the wrong profession. Soft skills are the backbone of a marketer. They are a combination of people, communication, and social skills, and a few more personality aspects. You should be knowledgeable, calm, confident, personable, and friendly to win over customers. With great soft skills, you are already heading towards success in your field.

Tech Savvy

As a marketer, a large part of your customer base would be millennials and generation Z. Now, imagine a situation where you are getting schooled in technology by your own customers. To avoid this, you need to be tech-savvy. You need to know the latest digital tools, technology, and software being used by your customers. You also need to be competent using them. This skill will also help you in marketing digitally. But you have to stay updated as technology upgrades at the drop of a hat.

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