Understanding the Design Industry in India


The design industry in India is right now peaking at the right time. It is seeing one of its best, most creative phases. Fueled by the latest technology, the design industry has a lot of scope to grow. The design industry in India encompasses a lot of different type of streams in like architecture design, interior design, graphic design, animation design, game design, fashion design, product design, auto design, space design, etc. It is quite a vast field and is growing. Most designers in India now have successful careers and make a good living. Initially, design was not considered a safe career as it was a creative one. But today, people are waking up, and giving in to their creative urges, and making full-time careers in design.

Education for Design in India

There were not many schools and colleges that taught design. Only a few renowned institutes had degrees and diploma courses. The story is different today. Owing to students demand, many designs schools and colleges have come up teaching comprehensive courses in design. Many established colleges and universities also opened their doors for designs students. In just a few years, there were many design students getting their degrees and diplomas.

Careers in Design

Animation is the number one field for designers to make a career in. More than 1/3rd of design students actually study and make a career in animation. You actually may not know this but the majority of the award-winning 3D animation and VFX films are actually made in India. A lot of the graphics work is worked upon professional artists and studios in India. No wonder animation design is so popular in India.

Product design is another important field where students can make a career. The country is slowly becoming a strong manufacturing hub for the world. There’s also a lot of inventions and innovations happening in the country owing to improved ease of business. Therefore, product designers are high in demand.

Game design is another field that is quite important. Some of the biggest gaming companies like Ubisoft have teams of designers and developers in India, and this industry is only going to get bigger in the country.

Fashion design is, of course, been there for a long time, but today, with the help of technology, the industry is seeing new life being breathed into it. Also, thanks to globalization, there is a lot more creativity in designs, textures, fabrics, etc. Therefore, this is also a good field to make a career in.

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