Student Guide: Choosing Top Management College in Bangalore

Student Guide Choosing Top Management College in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the best places to do an MBA. However, the city is rife with MBA colleges and B-schools. There are so many to choose from. Plus, you have to be careful which college you choose, as it can make or break your career. MBA is not an easy and cheap course to do, so, you have to ensure you are getting into a top-quality college where you will learn a good curriculum, and get placed into an excellent company. If you need help choosing, here’s a guide on choosing top management college in Bangalore.

Know Your Goal

You need to know what your end goal is before you select an MBA college. Do you see yourself making a full-time career in your desired MBA specialization, or would do you switch later on? Do you want to travel internationally, or are happy staying put in one place? You need to ask yourself questions in order to know what your real goals are before you commit to a college and course.

Double-check Accreditation

There are many MBA colleges and institutes that are functioning without proper accreditation. Strictly look for an admission in an AICTE approved college. Stay away from colleges that do not have AICTE approval. This accreditation is given only to colleges that have followed the stringent quality standards of education set by the All India Council for Technical Education. It shows that they have taken the time and effort create a good MBA course along with good faculty, classrooms, campus, and other amenities that ensure you will get quality education.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

If an MBA college or institute has a curriculum that ensures you become a domain expert of your chosen field, know how to work as a team player, know how to multitask, and be a free-thinker, you can rest assured that the curriculum is good. The management should also follow the right pedagogy to ensure that students learn in the right manner. Many private institutes are free to base their pedagogy on internationally renowned universities, which again,is beneficial to the students.


Most parents and students only look at placements as the gold standard to rate an MBA college. Yes, they are important and play a huge role in your career, but it should be the main criteria. Other factors are also important. But that being said, an MBA college that places in good companies is bound to be a good college in other aspects as well. You can enquire with the student placement cell of the college to know what companies come to the campus for placements.


The Alumni are the best people you get to interact with for choosing an MBA college. They will guide you in the right direction, and can also offer you career advice. Try to interact more with the alumni belonging to your stream of interest. Interacting with them is also a good way to network for your future. Who knows, you might even be working with one of them in the future.

International Exposure

Choose a college or institute that will give you global exposure. This does not necessarily mean that they should get you internships overseas. Along with that, global exposure also means that your college should teach you about national and international markets. Your coursework should be in-tune with the prevailing standards of education and international industry practices. If your college can do all that, then you should consider getting an admission.

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