My Experience at Presidency University, Bangalore


Don’t we all fondly look upon the days of our college, and reminisce about the ‘good ole days’. But this happens after a decade or so or even later. But I recently finished my MBA Finance from Presidency University’s School of Management, and I already miss my alma mater. Though now I am in the professional world, pursuing my favourite career, earning good money, I miss the time I had in the university campus and the many friends I made in my batch and in the hostel. I had a wonderful education and also learned about life.

Of course, the academic experience is the most important. If you don’t learn what you’ve come for at the university, then what is the point? I enrolled in the MBA program and was one of the first students in the course. Owing to that I was nervous about the course and wondered whether it would be as good as the other more experienced private MBA universities. My fears were put to rest in the very first week. There’s no wasting time. The professors got on with the curriculum, and it was quite intense. What I really loved was that half our course involved actual practical work. We also had so many industry experts come in for guest lectures. I really loved the coursework, and it stayed consistent to all my years at the university.

No matter how good the coursework was, none of it would have mattered if it wasn’t for the great faculty. Most were young and friendly, but we also had a few experienced professors. It was a good mix. We were free to ask questions and always got help from all our professors. Even the warden at my hostel was good; he was the right amount of strict. Presidency University requires at least 75% attendance, but since we enjoyed the lectures, this was never a problem for us. The faculty was helpful and ensured all our concepts regarding all subjects were understood by all before moving on.

Now coming to the whole social environment, this is what I miss the most. Presidency University has a wonderful overall atmosphere. Be it the campus full of amenities or the hostel, it never felt lonely or boring. I loved using the sporting facilities, and I was also part of the Yoga & Meditation Club on the campus. I owe my physical fitness to Presidency University. The mess always served good, nutritious food. We also had a cafeteria where the atmosphere was always of fun and enjoyment. Have many wonderful memories of all friends hanging out at the campus and having a good time. This fun doubled whenever there were events, and we had quite a few. We were even allowed to take part in intercollegiate events. This really helped all my batch-mates grow socially.

Presidency University really puts all us students at an advantage. You can find a good course, good teachers and fun campus life at other places as well, but at the Presidency, we had so much more. We had high-tech classrooms, a massive library, an excellent computer lab, constant healthcare, sports facilities and most importantly, access to many like-minded fellow students. I’ve learned here a lot and have made some friends for life. So, to all those already present there, all the best. And to those considering admission, do not think twice and get your admission for whatever course you want. All are exceptional. I really wish I could experience it all again.

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