Future Job Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Future Job Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The world has become smaller thanks to electronics and communication. Just a few decades ago, it would have seemed impossible for one to communicate with someone halfway across the world in real-time, that too at an affordable price, but here we are. Today, we can not only talk but actually video chat with someone halfway across the world free of cost. We have electronics and communications engineers to thank for this.

Electronic & communications engineering (ECE) is more of a blanket term. It actually encompasses many specializations under it like consumer electronics, analog electronics, digital electronics and more. Electronic communication engineers can be defined as engineers who research, develop and make modern-day electronic devices and communication systems. Therefore, you can judge how important this profession is.

Scope as a Profession

The world today runs on electronics and communications. The leaps and bounds growth we’re seeing in technology and quality of life has huge contributions from electronics and communications engineering. Therefore, there is a demand for talent in this stream of engineering. Overall, engineering is set to grow a strong 7% growth rate in the next decade. And this is just in India. There’s going to be a huge demand for engineering and electronics & communications engineers all over the world, as it constitutes a sizeable portion in engineering. Electronics is the backbone of digital technology. Hence, if you’ve chosen to make a career in this stream, you are already on a path that has more likelihood of success and career growth.

Communications is the driving force behind the growth and development of many industries, and their need for ECE is only going to grow in the coming years. Therefore, they will be hiring engineers in large numbers. These companies are spread across the world, and India is a massive engineering talent hub for them.

Consumer goods like mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart watches, LED Smart TVs are also becoming popular. They were once considered essentials in the developed world, but now, they are becoming popular in developing and third-world countries as well. So, the demand for such products is again going to push the employment of engineers, as more innovation in these products will be required. The electronics market of India alone is valued to be nearing $400 billion.

Different Careers

In ECE, there are many different engineering professions you can choose from. Here are some:-

Electronics & Communication Engineer – The need for broadcasting, networking, and transmission is going to be huge, and most electronics and communication engineers are responsible for developing these systems.
Electronics Engineers – To meet the demand of the ever-hungry consumer market and the ushering in new and advanced technology, there will be a huge need for electronics engineers.

System Control Engineer – Designing and testing complicated electronics systems is their main job, and this profession is a very important one, as most efficient electrical systems we rely on in our everyday life and don’t even know about is made by them.

Electronics Design & Development Engineers – This is more of research, development, and testing based profession. They design the products we’ll be using tomorrow.
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