Career Guidance after 12th Standard
Now that you’ve cleared your 12th standard (high school), what you do next will decide your career. Usually, for most people, the stream they choose after completing their high school is the one they want to make their career in. Therefore, you have to make the right choice after 12th standard. This can be a confusing time with many people giving you advice on what to do. However, it is you who has to make the choice. So, take your time to decide based on what you like and what you are good at. Here’s some career guidance after 12th standard that will help you decide.

BBA – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
If you have a keen sense of business, and have good managing skills, BBA is something you must consider. BBA is one of the best ways to get an administration or managing job in well-established companies. The pay is excellent and growth opportunities are also impressive. And if you want to study further and do MBA, you will be at an advantage over others. So, get into a good college for your BBA, and be on the fast-track to a successful career.

There was a time when making a career in design was considered unconventional. But the story is very different. Designing is now a great career where you can earn money, while satisfying your creativity cravings. From graphic designing, to industrial designing, there are many career options for you to choose from. You can get into designing right after your 12th if you have the gift of drawing, art, and creativity.

Start early to get far in engineering. Engineering used to be the go-to career for many right after their high school. But over the years, the industry had become stagnant, and had gained a bad reputation because of many parents forcing their children to do engineering. However, things are different today. Engineering is back in high demand, thanks to increased entrepreneurship and development in technology. Students are choosing engineering on their own. There’s a huge demand for engineers in many industries, not just in India but the world over. So, if you good get into engineering right after 12th, you are making the right move.

Chartered Accountancy
If numbers is your game, chartered accountancy could be the right career for you. If you done your 12th standard in commerce, and you did well in accounting, chartered accountancy is definitely worth considering. Chartered accountants are some of the highest paid people in the world. And after gaining experience, many even start their own accounting firms. However, chartered accountancy is tough, so ensure you get admission in a good college.

Company Secretary
Company secretary is one of the fastest rising professions today. Forget all the clichéd things you think a secretary does, the company secretary is the person in charge of corporate governance. It is an important position that ensures the company they are working in runs smoothly. You can enroll for the CS Foundation right after your 12th. Many CS also open their own CS firms where companies can avail their corporate management services. This is a high-paying profession.

Bachelor of Commerce
A degree in commerce opens many doors for different careers and opportunities. Commerce allows students to form a strong base to pursue other courses like CA and CS. Many students also go on to further study courses like UPSC, MPSC, IAS, and IPS. Commerce is an excellent subject that will help you understand the world of business and economics. B-Com will only take you three years.
So, choose right early on after 12th, and have a satisfying and successful career.