Effective Strategies for Managing Virtual Classes 11AM 04PM, 25 to 29 October 2021

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Report on the Webinar & Panel Discussion conducted on 10th April 2021 by ECE department

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a live online “A Webinar & Panel Discussion on Skills and Pathway Towards Embedded Software Industry for ECE students” by resource persons Mr. Saurav Kumar Singh, Senior Software Engineer, Broadcom Inc., Bangalore, Mr. Devesh Kumar Gupta, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, Bangalore, Mr. Narayan Kittur, R&D SW Management, […]

How Social Media Presence Affects Chances of Getting Jobs

Social media has been the biggest game-changer in the last couple of decades. From being simple platforms for people to exchange messages and pictures, to becoming the biggest platforms for online marketing and sales, social media has come up leaps and bounds. It is now an integral part of daily life, so much so, that […]

Top 10 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

  Do you remember the childhood game ‘Chinese whispers’, also known as ‘telephone’? In this game, one person’s message would be passed along a line of people, and by the end, the message would end up being completely different. This childhood game is an adulthood reality. Miscommunication happens daily at work or at home. Communication […]

How B.Com with Specialization Help to Successful Career

  Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year long degree course. For 11th & 12th standard, you choose to specialize in arts, commerce or science. Commerce students go on do B.Com. However, students of arts and science can also change steams and move to B.Com. Though most commerce graduates get decent careers, they cannot grow beyond […]