Dr. Anubha Singh

Vice Chancellor In-Charge

Distinguished academic administrator, Dr. Anubha Singh has played various roles in her illustrious career of over two decades that span across establishing new academic units, developing innovative educational programs of exceptional quality, and facilitating a high-performance culture.

Dr. Singh is a talented coalition builder and has to her credit, establishment of many international collaborations with renowned universities across 23 countries.

Eminent researcher with diverse research interests, Dr. Singh has published extensively and has closely worked with leading Indian and Multinational organizations on pertinent issues in business, human resources, linguistics, and technology.

Dr. Anubha Singh is the Former Vice-Chancellor of Alliance University, and has served on numerous international bodies and institutions including the President of Asia Region of International Accreditation Council for Business Education, USA.

Among the many roles she plays she is also an artist, an art connoisseur, an avid reader, a globetrotter, and a philanthropist.