Calling all innovators, leaders, and design enthusiasts!


Engage your creativity while preserving the planet in the Sustainable Painting Competition! Join us in celebrating art with a purpose, where every stroke contributes to a greener tomorrow. 

Delve into the Sustainable Future: Shape the Design Landscape of 2050

Embark on the nationwide “Sustainable Painting Competition” by the School of Design at Presidency University. Showcasing your prowess, intelligently discern and craft sustainable solutions for the challenges envisaged in a futuristic Sustainablity set in the year 2050. 


Participation Eligibility


  • Open to all students currently in class 11 and 12 (or equivalent) across any educational stream and board, including those who have recently completed their Class 12 examinations.  
  • Participate individually or form a dynamic team of two.   

Unleash the transformative potential of your imagination to breathe life into future possibilities.   


To achieve our mission and realise our vision, we have established the following objectives:


Digital Participation Certificates will be provided for all the participants . (Hard Copy of Certificates for Winners and 1st and 2nd Runners up and Digital certificate for participants.)


Sustainable Painting Competition Members

  • Dr. Nissar Ahmed, Honourable Chancellor, Presidency University  
  • Dr. Anubha Singh,Vice Chancellor in Charge, Presidency University 
  • Dr. A.M Surendra Kumar, Pro-Vice Chancellor 
  • Dr. Sameena Noor Ahmed Panali, Registrar 
  • Dr. Mrinmoy Biswas, Registrar, Accreditations and Corporate Relations 
  • Prof. Bhaskar Mitra, Director, School of Design 
  • Dr. Ashok Itagi, HOD – School of Design 
  • Prof. Abhinav Srivastava, HOD – School of Design
  • Prof. Brijesh Kumar Malekopmath,HOD – School of Design

Submission Guidelines

  • For digital submissions, please ensure that the file size is optimized for easy upload and download. Preferably under 5 MB for each file.
  • For handmade creations, provide clear and high-quality images. Multiple images can be combined into a single PDF preferably under 5 MB.
  • The last Date of Submission is 28 July 2024.

"Submit your works for the Sustainable Painting Competition."


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