Summer book review competition 2017

In the Summer Book Review Competition 2017 organized by the University Library, the following students were declared as winners. This was announced by the panel of judges after  the final round of the Competition held in the university on Saturday, 26th August 2017.

Prize Winner Reviewed book
First Prize Aparna Dasgupta (2015CSE160) The monk who sold his Ferrari,  by Robin Sharma(Jaico, 2003)
Second Prize Kavita A (2016ECE060) The magic of reality,  by Richard Dawkins (Free Press, 2012)
Third Prize Aabdul Mueed Moulana (2015PEE001) Losing my virginity, by Richard Branson (Random House, 2009)


Judges also announced Consolation Prizes to the following two students : Shreya Sholapurkar (2016ECE040) who reviewed the book, Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (Random House, 2009) and     Jerlin Joy (2016CSE187) who reviewed the book Go kiss the world by Subroto Bagchi (Penguin India, 2008).

Panel of judges :

Prof Bhavesh       Asst. Professor, School of Engineering

Prof Aisha Sharfi       Asst. Professor, School of Law

Prof Leena George   Asst. Professor, School of Management

The Summer Book Review Competition, which is in its 2nd edition, has the objective of increasing the reading habit amongst the students of the university. The Competition has two phases. In the first phase, the participant chooses a book out of the 100 titles identified by the library and submits a review. Out of these, 10 reviews are shortlisted by the panel of judges who invite them for a Final round which includes a presentation and clarifications sought by the judges.  The reviewing work is done during the Summer Vacation every year.