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Online Admission Cum scholarship exam: Terms and Conditions

All candidates are required and expected to follow the Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations, in force, from time to time.

Any act of academic dishonesty, misconduct, indiscipline, violence or damage caused to people / property of Presidency University(PU) will be construed as an offence against the University and such students will be debarred from taking up the exam.

Presidency University shall not be responsible for any connectivity issues or failure of internet connection during the examination. PU reserves the right to cancel any candidate’s examination based on misconduct or malpractice, the notification said

The candidate must fulfil all academic requirements notified by the competent Authorities, from time to time.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to go through the details of the Program, Specializations offered, University details and Minimum Eligibility criteria before applying to Presidency University.

Presidency University reserves the right to modify/ add / delete the contents of the Program / Value-Added Programs / Specializations and their Delivery Modes.

Candidates, who have appeared in the Pre-Qualifying Examination and whose results are awaited, may also apply. Such candidates will be considered for provisional admission, subject to submission of the relevant documents satisfying eligibility conditions.

Misleading Information or Misrepresented Facts will disqualify the applicant from admission into Presidency University.

Presidency University reserves the right to amend the Admission Rules and Regulations of the University, from time to time.

Jurisdiction for all disputes [if any] relating to Presidency University is Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.