1. PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY, BANGALORE is the Member of LSAC Global Law Alliance.
  2. PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY, BANGALORE accepts LSAT—India scores as part of the selection process for admission to the B.A LL.B, B.B.A LL.B & B.Com LL.B
  3. Register online for the LSAT—India™ 2021 entrance test by logging on to
  4. The LSAT—India 2021 applicant with highest score enrolled in PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY, BANGALORE  shall be awarded a Scholarship as per Presidency University Scholarship policy for one academic year.
  5. To promote quality, access, and equity in law and education worldwide, LSAC Global will offer two scholarships: 
    1. The LSAT—India™ 2021 Topper Scholarship 
    2. The Shamnad Basheer Access to Justice Essay Scholarship 

 *For more information about the Scholarship visit