Formation of the new Alumni Executive Committee

The Alumni Association of Presidency University (AAPU) proudly announced the office bearers of the newly formed Executive Committee at a small ceremony on January 5, 2024, at Presidency University. The new office bearers are Ms. Pavithra K., President; Mr. Rohit Ramesh Ramani, Vice President; Mr. Mohammed Shahjahan, Secretary; Ms. Jhanvi Lokanathan, Joint Secretary; and Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, Treasurer. The University conducted alumni committee elections in December 2023.

The program was graced by the presence of university officers, Dr. Muddu Vinay, Pro Vice Chancellor; Dr. A. M. Surendra Kumar, Pro Vice Chancellor; Dr. Mohammed Sameeruddin Khan, Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering and School of Information Science; Dr. K. Krishna Kumar, Associate Dean, School of Management; Major General Gurdeep Narang, Dean, Department of Student Affairs, and Chief Proctor; as well as the alumni committee members. The event was organized by Mr. Sameet Joshi, Head, Alumni, and ISR, and supported by Ms. Ashwini R., alumni coordinator, and Ms. Roshni Raman.