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Other co-curricular activities at Presidency for students

Other Extracurricular activities include



EVENT CONDUCTED BY DSA                                   DATE


August ,2019








Independence Day


Organized Fashion Show, Patriotic Song by DSA Volunteers DSA Team Trained the students end to end

 15/ 08/2019

 Celebrated MHRD day at Campus





Rotaract Orientation



1 st round of Orientation was arranged for  LAW Students and Management students

20 th to 26 th Aug 2019

First round of Orientation was done by the Rotarian team





Orientation Day



Organized Cultural events by the students to show case the In house talents of PU to the newly joined students’ and their parents.

 28 /08/19 to 30/08/19

Volunteered to organize the Orientation with faculty team




September ,2019





Success Series



Invited Guest Singers(Ram Nagaraj  Gazal singer & Ritwik Rajan Zee kannada SAREGAMAPA Finalist ) the guests shared their experience there was Question and Answer session at the end of the programme


New initiative which can upskill the leadership quality





Fresh Face Contest Registration



Coordinated with Times India team for the Registration of Fresh face in various participation, 500 plus registration were done in one day from PU.


 Association with Times of India in talent hunt at the University Campus





Fresher s Day



Indoor/Outdoor cultural programme with  Mr. Fresher ,Ms. Fresher Contest and other activities organized by DSA


One day programme for the Fresher to feel good at Campus as a Welcome party/ Event





Under 25 Summit



5 well known celebrities graced the occasion, Event was successful with 4000 plus crowd from other colleges.


   Event conducted by Students as leadership programme





Surgical Strike Day



Surgical Strike Day was observed on 30 th September by inviting Lt Col Arun Malhotra, Capt. Sugandha Thakran who addressed the students about Defense career as an option.


MHRD observed at the PU Campus












Rotaract Orientation



2 round of Orientation was done before Installation by the Rotary Oasis


 Students attended Orientation joined the Club and Installation Ceremony was Conducted





Gender Sensitization Programme



Occupied the campus with various competitions throughout the month


Notification by UGC to conduct the events throughout the month





PGCIL – Debate



Debate competition was held sponsored by PGCIL , Coordinated with Power grid Team

 31/ 10 / 2019

Event supported and sponsored by PGCIL team who graced the occasion













Guru Samarpane


Science Talent Hunt day was celebrated by inviting 110 principals throughout Bangalore and 57 participants for Science exhibition from other schools


In association with Marketing team, Support was extended by DSA





Kannada Rajyotsava


Arranged Volunteers  with team for the Programme, Cultural Participation was planned , Dollukunita team was supported


MHRD Day celebrated at Campus





Traffic Signal Awareness Programme (Initiated)


Initiated the Traffic Awareness programme on occasion of Traffic Day , Agenda was to install Signage/ Traffic Signal boards from Rajankunte to Dibbur , Survey was done to know the places to be installed with Signage Poles.


This initiative is pending with approvals as the Local SP s permission is involved




Armed Force Flag Day


Day was observed by inviting Army personnel Capt. Rabindranath as a motivational speaker on the occasion, Cultural programs were organized with theme.


MHRD Day observed at Campus






Rotaract Installation- 1 Batch



Rotaract Installation Ceremony was initiated for the first time in University; Board members were installed with badges.


 Students joined the Club and Installation Ceremony Conducted






Winter Carnival



All Clubs performed Cultural activities and ended up the semester with a lively note.


Cultural show by DSA Clubs










National Youth Day



National Youth Day was celebrated at campus where the staff members performed various cultural events .


Observed MHRD Day






Republic Day



Celebration of Republic Day with cultural performances by the students and Patriotic songs sung by Staff members.


MHRD Day celebrated










Founder’s Day



Honorable Chancellor’s Birthday was celebrated at the Campus by the staff members as a gratitude, Staff members and Music Club students performed Retro Songs as a dedication to the Founder of the Institution.


B day celebration of our Hon’ble Chancellor to show gratitude and respect.










Meraki 2020



Inter College Cultural fest was conducted for two days with participations  from other colleges from Bangalore, Various competitions were held at different venues, Sandalwood celebrities graced the Event.


Annual Intercollegiate Cultural Fest hosted






Annual Sports Meet



Annual Sports Meet was conducted on March 12th, 2020, DSA team was a part of Organizing team with University Sports Staff.


Annual Sports meet to identify the Sports talents







Counselling Sessions during Covid



DSA initiated Online Counselling sessions through Zoom calls to motivate and support the students as the students tend to Panic during the Pandemic situation.

 13/ 4/2020 onwards

Motivational sessions to understand the students concerns during Covid-19 Pandemic






Online singing Competition




As a natural anti-depressant DSA conducted Online Singing Competition to get the students together during this Covid period, Students from School of Commerce.


Stress Management programme






Online JAM Competition



Team DSA conducted Online JAM Competition for the students of SOL, This initiative was to motivate the students with their fluency, accuracy, and time management skills which can build their confidence and also bring them together during this Lock down period.


Stress Management programme




Webinar on Mind and Mental health amidst Covid 19- Crisis

Dr. Virupaksha is a gold medalist in DPM Psychiatry and an MD from NIMHANS.He has multiple publications to his credit and provides research guidance who conducted a session to advise the students about the mental health during this pandemic.


Stress Management programme





Online Yoga and Meditation sessions



Department of Student Affairs successfully conducted 1 hour online session for staff members, The session has helped the participants to deal with the mental trauma and stress caused by the lockdown


Stress Management programme






Webinar on How to build a successful Career



Webinar by a senior Director, Motivational speaker and a Toastmaster Mr. Joy Ramachandran who conducted a session to inspire the students to plan their career


Leadership Programme by DSA






Webinar on Dreams to Reality



Team DSA organized Webinar on Dreams to Reality which was informative and engaging by Mr Sudeesh


Leadership Programme by DSA






Webinar Entrepreneurship Need of the hour




Team DSA organized a webinar by George Thomas who motivated the students with practical knowledge and Management skills.


Leadership Programme by DSA


















          V Annual Athletic Meet held on 11 th March 2020.

Fifth Annual Athletic Meet was held in the university on 11 th March 2020. Participated by over 350 enthusiastic Presidencians including girls and boys and faculty and staff. The one day event turned out to be a huge success spreading the spirit of youth and sportsmanship. The event was inaugurated on 11 th March 2020 by Dr. Malathi K Holla, Arjuna Awardee, Padmashree & International Para Athlete, in the presence of Hon’ble Chancellor of Presidency University Mr. Nissar Ahmed, Vice President Mr. Salman Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Radha Padmanabhan, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr.Ishwara Bhat, Registrar, Mr. A. Abdul Bari, Dean of School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Management, University faculty members and students. The inaugural event began with flag hoisting followed by March past and carrying of torch and administration of oath to the sports persons. Chief Guest Dr. Malathi K Holla, Arjuna Awardee, Padmasree & International Para Athlete, declared the Meet open and released the balloons as a symbol of opening the Meet. BSF band troop presented an excellent display of band at the march past which was admired by everyone at the inaugural ceremony. Yoga and Martial arts display mesmerizing the audience with their energetic performances. Athletes of Presidency University competed in various Track and field events including Sprinting, Long race, Relays and Throwing. Over 6teams competed in March Past competition. They were Red house, Blue house, Green house, Yellow House, NSS team and combined team of Faculty & Staff. The valedictory and prize distribution was held on the afternoon of 10 th March in the presence of Vice Chancellor, Dr. Radha Padmanabhan and Deans of all Schools. The one day event was coordinated by Director of Physical Education, Dr. D Kalidoss who was assisted by his colleagues, Mr. R. Chandrasekhar, Ms. Kalaivani. S of the Department of Physical Education and Sports.

The list of prize winners is given below:

Individual championship for men was won by Deepak who secured 27 points.

Individual championship for women was won by Sahana K who secured 36 points.

March past prize was won by Blue House.

Overall championship in the Sports Meet was won by the “School of Engineering”.



Team DSA initiated the Webinars during Covid -19 Pandemic as it was a panic situation for the students and their families The motto behind this initiative was to encourage the students in a positive way as attending a seminar has numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. These seminars can be a comfortable mode of gaining knowledge, create an open environment for practicing professional communication techniques.

DSA has successfully conducted 3 seminars for the AY 2019-20 for PU students as mentioned:

1) Webinar on Reset and Restart Opportunities

DSA conducted a webinar for the benefit of the students on “Reset and Restart opportunities and challenges for the student community by Mr. George Mathews on 30th April, 2020. The webinar was well received by the audience. Around 100 students attended the webinar.

His coaching and guidance are rooted on above principles and his deep understanding of the human relationships and what really matters in either destroying or building lives.

2) Webinar on How to build a Successful Career

Team DSA invited Mr. Joy Ramachandran, Senior Director; SAP conducted a very interesting webinar on How to build a successful career on 14th of May, 2020 which was well received by the students and the faculty. Students shared their many doubts and got it clarified by Mr. Joy who in turn promised to mentor the students who would reach out to him.

3) Webinar on Dreams to Reality

A webinar was held on 22nd May, 2020 to encourage students to take up entrepreneurial skills by Mr. Sudeesh Yezhuvath who is a senior corporate leader with great international exposure and acumen. Mr. Sudeesh was much appreciated for his in depth understanding of the topic and for his sharing of his personal journey with the students in order to motivate them.

Webinars were arranged for the benefit of the students as the Guest speakers can give them a competitive edge and help them mitigate the risks. They will have the chance to connect with other entrepreneurs and fellow students, brainstorm ideas, request feedback and inculcate some business skills. On top of that, they will learn more about industry and get valuable insights from experts through Webinar.

WEBINARS _Presidency University WEBINARS -Presidency University WEBINARS-Presidency University


Online Singing Competition

Team DSA conducted Online Singing Competition for the students of School of Commerce on 16th of April, 2020.The main Motto of this initiative was to motivate the students with their talents which can build their confidence and also bring them together during this Lock down period.

It is well known that singing is a natural anti-depressant, and lowers the stress levels. We as a team observed that our students are getting panic due to the present Pandemic situation through social media and news; hence we used the same online method to get motivated and to bring them together for singing competition.

Online Singing Competition Conducted by Presidency University


Online JAM Competition

Team DSA conducted Online Just a Minute (JAM) Competition for the students of School of Law (SOL) on April 24th, 2020. It is hard to stay focused on studies for the students due to the anxiety and depression due to the pandemic and we thought to encourage our students to participate in many activities, hence this initiative.

This event motivate the students with their fluency, accuracy and time management skills which can build their confidence and also bring them together during this Lock down period due to COVID 19.

The JAM session helps the students to improve their communication skills and enhances the confidence and also it helps the introvert and shy students to speak in an open forum with the topic given.

Three students are selected as they gave their best by their active participation and won the Competition. Overall, it was a different experience for the students and indeed the students demanded more sessions to be conducted hereafter.

Online JAM Competition -Presidency University

Online Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation session

Department of Student Affairs successfully conducted 1 hour online session for staff members on Sunday, 3rd May 2020 between 8 to 9 am. It was led by Mr. Gorad Sagar R. in charge of Yoga and Meditation Club. This initiative was taken in order to support and motivate the staff members to overcome the stress and anxiety during this pandemic situation.

Apart from teaching Surya Namaskars, Bhastrika pranayama and guided meditation, participants were also informed about the steps to be taken to improve immunity. Throughout the session, participants showed their enthusiasm to learn these practices and enjoyed the learning. Many felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the session. The session has helped the participants to deal with the mental trauma and stress caused by the lockdown. They also expected more of such sessions in near future.

The session started with Welcome and Introduction to Yoga & Meditation for 5 minutes, Joints loosening for 5 minutes over to teaching of Surya Namaskars (Sun salutations) & practice for about 25 minutes and Teaching Bhastrika Pranayama & practice for 10 minutes later there was Guided Meditation for 10 minutes ended with Question & Answer for 5 minutes.

Overall, it was a rejuvenating session as most of the staff members are in a Panic situation due to Covid 19 and also are conducting the online classes to the students along with their responsibilities at personal front, Yoga and meditation session was rewarding destress.

Online Counselling sessions

Team DSA initiated Online counselling sessions from April 13th  April, 2020 till date as we observed that the students are facing sudden unforeseen challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty rapidly reimagined their courses and moved to online and remote delivery of instruction. Our students have quickly transitioned to taking classes online and Hostel students moved back to their homes with a tentative announcement without much luggage.

Counselling sessions are conducted on daily basis and covered about 45 classes so far.

Loss and disappointment are at the forefront of emotions as our students grieve the experiences they will not get to have what they had. Faculty, staff and students have adjusted to new schedules, new routines, working from home, and managing a multitude of other issues alongside the blurring lines of personal and professional lives hence the Counselling sessions, Online Yoga pranayama sessions, JAM Competition, Online Singing Competition made some difference to the well-being of the students and staff.

Online Counselling sessions-Presidency University

Online Counselling sessions-Presidency University