Krisha Kamal


Krisha successfully completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the School of Law at Presidency University in 2020. She is grateful to the Presidency for the comprehensive legal education received here, and the hands-on exposure gained through moot courts, workshops, seminars, legal aid programs, and other outreach activities has laid a strong foundation for her career in law.

Today, Krisha works as a Process Associate in contract management for CapGemini. Her steadfast contributions to the company and outstanding performances have earned her accolades like the ‘CG Rising Star Award’. Krisha is also a published author, contributing research papers to international journals on various topics, such as women’s rights, human rights, democracy, etc.

Krisha’s determination to create a meaningful impact in various facets of the law is truly commendable. Best wishes from the Presidency University for success in her future pursuits!

Hemanth Kumar V

Hemanth – The social advocator

Hemanth, an esteemed alumnus of Presidency University, graduated with a B.Tech. degree in civil engineering in the year 2019. During his academics here, he won the Good Samaritan Award for the years 2015–16 for his leadership and volunteerism. After graduation, he completed a public policy management certificate through the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship Program offered by IIM, Bengaluru. 

Currently, he works as the Executive Manager for special projects at Karnataka Skill Development Corporation. His project report on ‘Cotton Value Chain Development’ has positively impacted the district economy of Raichur district in Karnataka. He was also instrumental in proposing the Gram Panchayat Centric Skill Development initiative to the Karnataka Skill Development Corporation.

His noteworthy contributions to public policy have earned him a Letter of Appreciation at the ‘DSDP Awards 2022’, presented by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. 

Chethan K A

Chethan – The ingenious facilitator

Chethan graduated with a B.Tech. in civil engineering with a gold medal from Presidency University in the year 2021. He completed his post-graduation in construction business analytics from NICMAR. After completion of his higher studies, Chethan co-founded Skillbind Education, focusing on empowering civil engineering students with lucrative skills for enhanced career opportunities. Skillbind boasts strong corporate partnerships with construction companies in Bangalore and also offers workshops, masterclasses, online courses, and webinars to provide insights into the world of civil engineering.His enterprise is surely a valuable resource for aspiring civil engineers and professionals who wish to elevate their skill sets. Presidency University extends its best wishes for success in all his future endeavors!

Anirudh Iyengar Mohan

Anirudh – The technocrat

Anirudh is a proud alumnus of Presidency University. He graduated with a B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2021. The hands-on experience gained during his graduation years enhanced his proficiency in design, simulation, and testing skills. He started his career at a private defense company amid the pandemic and contributed towards addressing technical challenges in the healthcare sector. 

During his tenure, he was also involved in projects for the national defense forces like developing test jigs for PCB and QA for navy submarines. He completed his postgraduate degree in electronics engineering at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. Presently, he works as a Hardware Engineer at Spire Global in Glasgow, Scotland, and his focus areas include testing and debugging satellites and launch vehicles for prominent aerospace companies such as SpaceX and RocketLabs. Presidency University extends its best wishes to Anirudh for a bright and successful future ahead!

Pavithra K

Pavithra –  Leader in making

Pavithra graduated with a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Presidency University in 2019. She took forward the technical and leadership skills honed during her academic journey and started her enterprise, Dream Zone India. The company offers a range of services including bill payments, Aadhar-related services, money transfers, etc., reaching 40% of India’s population. Serving as a digital service hub, the company connects rural and urban communities and has emerged as a key player in advancing the Digital India initiative. Dream Zone India received the Spotlight Awards 2022 by Azhubha Management for the best service provider and technical support nationally.

Pavithra’s success is a source of inspiration for all the women entrepreneurs. She is holding the role of President at the Alumni Association of Presidency University. Presidency University extends best wishes to her for a great future.

Bibang Basumatary

Bibang –  Eye from the sky

Bibang is a gold medalist in M. Tech. Building and Construction Technology, graduating in 2023 from Presidency University. After his studies, he co-founded Bibang & Kartik Drone Solutions, an Edtech start-up aimed at offering high-income earning skills to civil engineering students and professionals. The company boasts geospatial innovations and spearheads projects such as the SVAMITVA scheme’s SOI initiative. Bibang also conducts KSTA workshops, training, and industry partnerships focused on revolutionizing drone applications in civil engineering.

Bibang’s commitment to bringing innovative ideas into the civil engineering field and helping aspiring engineers achieve their dreams sets him as a role model for many. Presidency University wishes him all success in his future aspirations.

Yash Upadhayay

Yash –  The young digipreneur

Yash, a distinguished alumnus of Presidency University, is a young entrepreneur who completed his BBA program in 2023. Under the guidance and support of the esteemed faculty at the School of Commerce and Economics, Yash established Digitopedia Solutions in Bengaluru. 

Yash has created a niche for himself in the digital marketing world through his company, where he offers his expertise to select clientele, including  Jindal Group of Institutions, etc. Apart from his enterprise, Yash is also an acclaimed Affiliate marketer, earning the title of one of India’s top affiliate marketers on edtech platforms in 2020.

Yash’s journey narrates the story of a young mind’s relentless efforts to make it big in the digital marketing landscape, which is truly inspiring to aspiring individuals. Presidency University extends its best wishes to all his future endeavors!

Likitha U. K (Nrutya Kutira)

Likitha U K, an alumna of the School of Computer Science and Technology at Presidency University, was popularly known as the best classical dancer among the student community. 

She has completed 21 years of dance training under her guru, Vidushi Rekha Jagadish, along with which she also passed her senior-level Vidwath dance exam from KSEEB and diploma exams in Kuchipadi dance from AIMS University. As a dream come true for her, she also owns the dance institution “Nruthya Kutira,” where she trains young, passionate dancers. 

Likitha received the Vidushi title from the Karnataka state government, an honorary title for scholars in dance. Apart from that, she has won many prestigious awards for her dancing skills, like the Kempegowda award from the BBMP, the Kulbarga University state award, the Aralu Mallige award, the Natya Mayuri title at the Dr. Rajkumar Karnataka state awards, etc. 

Her contributions and the success she has achieved in her dance journey so far are a true inspiration for all. We wish her well to achieve more milestones in her dance career! 

Trehan Sangpriya

Trehan Sangpriya is an alumnus who graduated with a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. While at Presidency University, he explored the possibilities of web development and was involved in teaching and sharing his knowledge with his peers and students worldwide through various platforms. He established a free student community named @doconation that empowered fellow learners through valuable resources, live streams, and events. Trehan has also created popular apps like QR Code Gen and Payabl, which have an impressive user base of over 250 monthly active users. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Trehan took his entrepreneurial journey to new heights by founding Createxp in February 2023. Createxp is a creative studio that experienced exponential growth, achieving a staggering 73% month-over-month expansion and reaching a six-figure business in just three months. Trehan’s achievements and commitment to personal growth serve as an inspiration to our entire college community. 

Harsh Kumar

Harsh Kumar graduated from the School of Management at Presidency University with a BBA degree in 2023. He started his professional journey as the general manager of Karnataka North Carriers, a family-owned company. Over time, he evolved into an entrepreneur and founded two successful ventures, Harsh Logistics and Harsh Investments. Currently, he is in the initial stage of consolidating all his family enterprises under the Binds Groups of Companies.

Harsh’s unwavering dedication to expanding his family business demands effort and determination. Presidency University extends its best wishes to Harsh for his future endeavors!

Nanda Kishore Reddy Rachamala

Nanda Kishore Reddy Rachamala, an alumnus of Electronic Communication Engineering, demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial drive by founding Regis Exim Pvt. Ltd. in his third year of the B.Tech. program at the Presidency University. This innovative supply chain company is dedicated to supporting approximately 30,000 farmers across India in effectively marketing their fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, at fair prices. By facilitating connections with markets, B2B, and B2C companies nationwide, Regis Exim has rapidly emerged as a leading entity in the Agritech industry, achieving commendable revenue of around 2.5 crores in the 2022–2023 financial year. Projections for the 2023–2024 fiscal year indicate an impressive 5X revenue increase. Recognizing the company’s potential to make a significant impact in the unorganized agricultural sector, the Presidency University Launchpad® Association selected Regis Exim for incubation. 

Jaseena Arif

Ms. Jaseena Arif pursued both her undergrads and postgrads here at Presidency University from 2017 to 2023. She is an engineer with a postgraduate degree in MBA. A music lover at heart, Jaseena built a portfolio in music along with academics. From founding the Presidency Music Club in 2017 to winning gold in more than 30 music competitions in prestigious institutions across India like IIM Kashipur, IIM Udaipur, IIM Shillong, and IFMR Chennai, she carved a name for herself in the music world. She is also one of the core members of the University music band Retro Black, which was active from 2017 to 2022.

Jaseena is the proud owner of the music and dance school “You Be Unique,” which started in 2021. She has also been invited to judge at many music competitions in Bangalore. Her passion for music is echoed in her accomplished musical journey thus far. We send her our heartfelt best wishes.

Syed Yunus - A zeal to create

Syed Yunus, an alumnus of Computer Science & Engineering, developed a few popular apps during his school days and while studying at Presidency University. His apps called Natural Medicines received more than 1,500 installs, – URL shortener client received more than 28,000 installs, and Presidency University One received immense appreciation with more than 3,300 downloads, besides positive feedback from university students. Yunus is blessed with a creative mind and a passion for engineering.

His newest application called the Plentra Sphere is an all-in-one platform and toolkit that empowers users to effortlessly create and manage apps for any business in minutes. The Presidency University LaunchPad® Association was thoroughly impressed with the product’s unique features and user-friendly interface. This resulted in selecting the company’s product for incubation. This was great recognition and inspiration for a budding entrepreneur like Yunus. The product is now fully developed, and the much-anticipated launch is scheduled in July 2023.
After completing his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering, Yunus founded a startup, Plentra Technologies Private Limited, with the support and mentorship of former faculty at Presidency University. Yunus’s relentless dedication, meticulous planning, and unwavering commitment to innovation have been the driving forces behind his success. We wish him success in his endeavour.

Noor Fathima, an Alumna of Presidency University is a Software Engineer by profession. She completed MBA from Presidency University and currently pursuing PhD. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic professional with a versatile blend of skills acquired through her studies and research in Computer Science, Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Education.

Her ability to adapt to various sectors and manage complicated projects has won her multiple awards in different industries.

She has conducted various seminars and webinars on topics such as softskills, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship.
Her commitment to finding Innovative solutions to solve challenging problems has been the driving force behind her success.

She has also published her own Book titled “The 6 Laws of Leadership”, which has earned her rave reviews. The Book is available on Amazon. We wish her all the Best for her future.