The Presidency Group of Institutions comprises eight schools, four colleges, and a university. It was honored with the prestigious “Most Promising Institute in South India” award at the British South India Council of Commerce and Business Meet in 2014. With nearly 50 years of experience in education, from kindergarten to higher education, PGI has established itself as a leader in providing quality education.


Presidency University’s vision is to be a world-class University. We believe in nurturing talent among all those who enter our portals. Through this close nurturing of talent and skills in each individual, we aim to transform students into successful professionals and responsible citizens. We accomplish all these through excellence in teaching, the best in pedagogy leveraged from the world, an efficient research and study cell, and service and community development in focus. Our commitment is to shaping the lives of students through scholarly exposure, pedagogy and learning, which contributes to making the youth future-ready for the world at large.

The University aims to build careers for youngsters who are on the threshold of completing basic education and are seeking tertiary education to enable them to become employable.

Presidency University offers programs in higher education aimed at transforming aspiring youth into highly focused, value-based, and employable professionals. Highly qualified faculty members with a proven record at prestigious global institutions share their knowledge, research, and deep domain expertise with the students. The verdant campus, spread over sixty acres, offers all the necessary infrastructure to make life a rewarding experience for the students.

Presidency University, Bengluru


Just as a bird nestles itself in its nest until its young ones are fashioned for flight, so does Presidency afford sustenance to all those aspirants who enter the portals of the University with food for thought, action, and scholarly pursuit intermixed with ethics and moral values. Like the flight of the birds, students go out into the world soaring to greater heights of accomplishment in life.


A.H. Memorial Educational Trust, which is the promoting body of Presidency University, runs and manages a matrix of Schools, Colleges and a University. It runs schools under the name of Presidency Schools located across Karnataka, in Bangalore and Mangalore. The Trust is responsible for establishing Presidency College in Hebbal, Bengaluru, offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate Management and Commerce programs, a Business school, and MCA and other Computer Applications programs.

The Vision of the promoters is adequately reflected in the following vision statement of the Trust: “In a caring and positive environment, Presidency will provide education to empower our students; to recognize and optimize their full potential; to achieve personal standards of excellence in academic work as well as in supportive areas of physical, cultural, and social development, inculcating civic and human values”. The Trust has set the following as its mission, given its vision above. “To empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential by fostering a family environment where education, social, cultural, ethical, and emotional needs are addressed through a holistic program, offered in partnership with the staff, students, and the community at large; to provide world-class education”.