PULP is created under the seed grant funded project titled, “Speech Analysis of Language 2 (L2) Learners Using Podcasts.” Dr. Shibily Nuaman VZ, the Principal Investigator (PI) and Mr. Javed Pervej Nasiry, Co-PI upload all recorded podcasts on three Spotify channels. Further, they analyze language proficiency of multilingual English speakers.

Listen the spotify channels:



Deeya Kalwar

A Dream Within a Dream by Edgal Allan Poe

Apoorva Parashar

The Hero by Siegfried Sassoon

Drishti Chettri

A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

Archana Nayak

Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S. By Nissim Ezekiel

Annie Mary Joseph

I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth



Ankita Ghosh 

College Life 

Annie Mary Joseph 

Ammachi – My Grandmother 

Bhargav Ganti 

Football Team 

Jamana Bharath 

Athletic Event in School 

Mohammed Numaan Hasan 

Dream Traveler 


Speech Analysis of Language 2 (L2) Learners Using Podcasts

Speaking skills are regarded as complex because language needs to be produced in real time and requires simultaneous listening and comprehension. Therefore, the process of speaking involves various aspects of communicative competence, including non-linguistic resources; it is heavily reliant on the situational context and it must take account of the broader cultural and social milieu. The recent research into L2 speaking skills, has demonstrated the possibility of manipulating task specifications such as planning time, content familiarity, task repetition, teacher-talk and other affective factors to enhance speaking skills in L2 in a native speaking context. Nonetheless, studies related to the development of L2 speaking skills among the multilingual language users in
countries, which was once under the colonial rule that resorted to the development of English language use as L2, continue to remain in a lacuna in the field of L2 speaking studies.

The Department of Languages has initiated a seed grand project to explore this research area. The HoD of the department, Dr. Neha Jain inaugurated the project on March 24, 2023. She promised that the project would open new vista in speech analysis research. Dr.
Shibily Nuaman VZ is the principal investigator (PI) and Mr. Javed Pervej Nasiry is the co- principal investigator (CO-PI) of
the project.The investigators have started three Spotify channels to telecast poem recitation, narration and group discussion of multilingual speakers of the Presidency University. Interested contributors are requested to contact the investigators.

Dr. Shibily Nuaman VZ (9446291720, shibilynuaman@presidencyuniversity.in)
Mr. Javed Pervej Nasiry (7685875970, javed.20223eng0023@presidencyuniversity.in)