SDG Centre

Sustainable Development Goals Centre

Sustainable Development Goals Center (SDG Center) at Presidency University, Bangalore is focusing on investigative techno-social work, consultancy, research and training on SDGs with specific focus on Bangalore Rural District as a sample demography for clusters. The university is focusing on rural development through rural engagement which could be achieved through investigative techno-social work, consultancy, research and training in SDGs.
Preliminary contacts have been made with key potential partners and stakeholders in India and abroad, for example, a State SDG implementation cell under Niti Ayog, an existing UN Partner in India, a leading Social Sciences Institute, and an SDGs related training and certification institution in Europe. We are pursuing these and several other contacts towards potential collaborations.
193 UN member states including India have committed themselves to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Agenda 2030 consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets, spanning across the three dimensions of economic, social and environmental development. India has the largest number of people living below the international poverty line, with 30 per cent (about 800 million) of its population living under $1.90 a day (World Bank, 2013). Focusing on SDG framework could help the country resolve many of its perennial development issues. NITI Aayog, the Government think tank, is overseeing the implementation of the SDGs within the country. In most States/UTs, the Planning Department is the nodal department for implementation of the SDGs.

However, interventions for SDG targets, prioritizing SDG goals based on local context, linking global SDG goals to local outcomes, monitoring the progress on SDGs in different context need in-depth investigations, consultancy and training.

In this context, Presidency University has established a Sustainable Development Goals Center (SDG Center).
The mission of the SDG center is to provide a platform for trans-disciplinary work to enhance rural development by focusing on the sustainable developing goals.

Governing Body
Chief Patron - Dr.Nissar Ahmed – Chancellor, Presidency University
Dr. Vijayan Immanuel- Pro-Chancellor
Dr, Radha Padmanabhan- Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Ishwar Bhatt- Pro- Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Mrinmoy Biswas- Registrar

Operational Board
Dr. Jyoti Prakash Naidu (Professor) – Advisor
Dr. Rosewine Joy (Asst. Professor, SOM): Coordinator
Mr. Sujith Surendran (Asst. Professor, SOL): Co- Coordinator
Dr. Venkatesh Raju (Asst. Professor, SOE): Co- Coordinator

The center will endeavor to achieve the following objectives:
a. To conduct investigations, consultancy and training on SDGs (especially on but not limited to SDG 8, livelihood and wellbeing, water and gender)
b. To initiate programs for rural engagement and social outreach activities
c. To enable and empower the marginalized and weaker sections of the society through skills development
d. To link the issue of climatic change to rural agrarian economy of Karnataka and bring forth policy changes to support agrarian communities
e. To establish partnerships and collaborations with global, regional and local organizations/institutions working on SDGs for investigations, consultancy and training.

Expected Outputs
1. A platform for trans-disciplinary investigations pertinent to SDGs
2. Publications in the form of journal publications, reports
3. Communication in university journals, newsletters and newspaper comments
4. Workshops /Seminars on SDGs
5. Certification programs on SDGs
6. Policy briefs for SDG implementation