Here are the winners for the World Water Day contest

March 22 is dedicated to the World Water Day. To create awareness regarding the importance of water, the United Nations declared March 22 as World Water Day. The theme of World Water Day 2021 is “Valuing Water”, and is aimed at achieving water and sanitation by all . To create awareness regarding the importance of water, a contest on “what water means to you” is initiated by DSW . The best quotes (2 to 3 lines) is selected to spread and to create awareness regarding the importance of water in our university and around . Students submitted the quotes on March 23rd .The best quotes and the winners are here.

1)First place – Tarun C Reddy,CSe

Water fill’s the EYES with a Human’s emotion,
Water fills the lake with a Farmer’s anticipation.
But water fills the sea shore with devastation

2) Second place – Charan S

Water is like Love,
if it’s more you can’t handle
If it’s less you can’t survive

3) Third place – Sathish S, MBA

Water is life and conservation is future let’s save lives through water conservation.

4) Fourth place – Shubham M Bhankur, MBA

I am a Life Saver. I am a Life Taker.
I am Natures most valuable thing
So use me well or else U life will be hell

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