Specializing in MBA Marketing is a challenge many like to take. Why is it a challenge? Marketing is all about promoting a certain product or service to the consumer. And the challenge comes from the part where one has to appeal to human nature, which can be quite unpredictable, thus, making marketing one of the most challenging and interesting subjects in business administration.

If you like to talk, debate, convince people and make sales, marketing may be the right profession for you. You can use your natural talent to excel in this profession. However, even if you are not all of the things mentioned, but want to get out of your comfort zone, you can still try marketing. Working in the field, working closely with different people, and seeing different avenues will make you a well-rounded person who is able to interact and make friends with anyone. MBA marketing develops your personality a lot.

In regards to academia, you get to do a lot of research and analysis. You get to plan and execute marketing strategies, promote products, understand consumer and market behavior, network, and make presentations. Your communication skills are pushed to their limit and you will emerge a thorough professional.

Career Options with MBA Marketing

Marketing Executive – This is the most popular career for people with MBA Marketing. This is where all MBAs have to start and gain experience to move up. The salaries are also quite good for beginners. If sales are a part of your marketing executive profile, you may also be entitled to get a sales commission.

Marketing Director – Once you have paid your dues as a marketing executive, this is the position you have to move up to. The salary packages and benefits in this position are quite enviable.

Brand Manager – This is the topmost position for an MBA Marketing graduate. It takes years of hard work and creativity to get to this position. As a brand manager, you get to manage, and sometimes create brands, which is a rush like no other. This is the highest paid profession in marketing.


Any business that has a product or service to sell will make use of an MBA marketing graduate. Therefore, this opens doors for you to also be a part of many different fields. You can also be a part of creative fields like advertising, entertainment, media, digital marketing, etc. An MBA marketing degree gives you the freedom to choose your field of interest, which does not really happen with other degrees. Therefore, you are already at an advantage over others.

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