What Sets Presidency University School of Management Apart?

What Sets Presidency University School of Management Apart

Yes, there are many B-schools in Bangalore – too many, in fact – each of them vying for students’ attention. But there are many factors that set Presidency University’s School of Management apart from the competitions – academics, faculty, campus life, placements, awards & accolades, and so much more. School of Management will certainly impress you. At the Presidency University, we’re proud of our outstanding reputation for excellence as a leading B-School of India.

So, what sets Presidency University apart?

The first and foremost all parents and students should look for in a management school is the AICTE approval. There are so many management institutes that do not have approval, and this puts the students’ education and future in jeopardy. Not only we have AICTE approval, but NAAC has also accredited us with an ‘A+’ rating. In 2014, we were also bestowed with the ‘Most Promising Institute in South India’ by the British South India Council of Commerce and Business Meet 2014.

Presidency University’s School of Management is gaining a lot of ground in Bangalore’s tough MBA market. This is mainly owing to the excellent curriculum that is taught here. Students have different streams and specializations to choose from. Since the School of Management is a private institute, we have the freedom to design the curriculum according to the best international institutes. We have taken inspiration from the best pedagogy from around the world which ensures our students have a superior learning experience. The initial year of the course is to develop a strong foothold in the course. The upcoming years ensure student become absolute experts. There is also a lot of stress on practical learning. This is actually 50% of the coursework.

Another reason why the School of Management stands apart is our faculty. Collectively, they have 40 years of rich experience of working in the best companies and learning and teaching in the best international institutes and universities. And they bring all this rich knowledge and experience exclusively to the students of Presidency University. They are always there to help the students in whatever situations they face. We also bring in experts of the industry for seminars and guest lectures, which is again, an enriching experience. Most students love interacting with them, and they get to face and solve real-world issues. Students are also allowed to take up internships post their semesters.

The students are equipped with high-tech classrooms, libraries, and computer labs that really help them learn and understand better. There are also student organizations for extracurricular activities. Students have a gym, meditation, and sports facilities. They are only served nutritious food on the campus which is huge and full of greenery. There’s round-the-clock-security for them to feel safe and secure. All these factors are also important for overall betterment. A good campus life ensures they qualify as well-rounded, free-thinking students.

Presidency University wants to ensure that all their students become successful, moral citizens of the country, and contribute to the betterment of society. Students from the School of Management are better equipped to succeed in the professional world because they are prepared better. Merely getting high grades can get you only so far. Our students excel in all facets of the professional world, and this is what sets us apart from the other B-schools.