Civil engineers build the world we live in. They are responsible for constructions like dams, building, subway tunnels, bridges, highways, and other forms of infrastructure that has become a part of our daily life. Civil engineers have many roles and responsibilities that make civil engineering is one of the most important forms of engineering.

What is a Civil Engineer?

A civil engineer is a professional who oversees construction projects. They are the ones responsible for the complete construction, functionality, and safety of the project. They have to use their education and principles of civil engineering to bring to life creations designed by architects. They have to work with a team of professionals and manage a large number of construction workers. This is quite a responsible job.

What do Civil Engineers Do?

To put it in simple terms, civil engineers build. Architect designs the structures, but it is a civil engineer who checks for the feasibility of the design, makes improvements, and finally construct the structure.

General Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer

Assess Construction Site – Civil engineers have to assess and do a complete feasibility study of the construction site. They have to consider many factors, including the impact on nature and the surrounding environment, and plan accordingly.

Planning the construction – Civil engineers have to plan out the whole construction process beforehand. This has to be a systematic process to facilitate the smooth flow of work. Every step has to be meticulously planned.

Budgets – If the budget already has been set for the work, it is the job of the civil engineer to make sure all the construction happens within the budget. If the budget has not been set, the civil engineer, along with the planner, will take into account the raw materials required, machinery & equipment costs, labour required for the project, and set the budget and deadlines accordingly.

Oversee the Construction – The biggest responsibility of a civil engineer is to oversee the construction. They have to be there to see the construction being done in phases set by them. They also check the quality during construction.

Final Inspection – Before the project can be termed complete, civil engineers have to do a thorough final inspection of the construction. Once the structure is deemed safe, they prepare a report and label the construction as complete.

Key Skills Required for Civil Engineering

So, if you are interested in civil engineering, here are the skills that you will need to have:-

Civil engineers create constructions that benefit everyone. They play an important role in the development of society, making it safer and function better.

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