The Department of EEE under IEEE student branch Presidency University had organized an Industry Institute Interaction online LIVE webinar on the Power Evacuation Study for Wind and Solar Hybrid Projecton 30th January 2021 from 10:00 AM to 12.00 PM. The webinar was organized live online on MS Teams. The total attendees of the webinar were around 190 including students, faculty members and outside participants.

The online program was graced by the presence of  Dr. Surendra Kumar A.M, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Venkataramu Dean Academics, Dr. C S Ramesh Dean Research & Innovations, Dr. Sneha Prabha T.V Director DSA, Dr. V Joshi Manohar Head of the EEE Department, Mr. Nageswara Rao A M.Tech (Ph.D.), Mrs. Ramya N Rao M.Tech (Ph.D.), Mrs. Jisha L K M.Tech(Ph.D.), Mr. Bishakh Paul M.E

The speaker started the webinar by providing a brief overview on the project he had worked on previously. He explained the current Indian Generation Scenario. He illustrated the present Renewable Energy Sources capacity in India and targeted Renewable Energy Sources capacity for India by the year 2022 with the help of various graphs and pie charts. He also explained the initiatives taken by the government for facilitating large scale Integration of Renewable Energy. He then discussed various studies in Renewable Energy Integration like Load Flow studies, Short Circuit studies, Stability studies etc. in detail. He also comprehensively explained a case study on design of load dispatch centre for Greenko which id first if its kind project for a hybrid plant . Finally, he guided the students on how to start a career as a power system Engineer and gave an overview of various opportunities for Electrical students especially in the field of power systems.

The webinar was received with great enthusiasm by students and faculty members. Also the speaker encouraged students and staff to ask clarifications wherever required. Students enthusiastically participated and various questions were asked by Faculty which were answered in detail by the speaker.

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