Name: Dr. Gunjeet Kaur

Designation :Professor & Dean – School of Management

Qualification : M.Phil., Ph.D.


Dr. Gunjeet Kaur is a Doctorate in (Marketing) from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. She has accumulated 32 years of experience in adult learning models, academic management, and trainings in both Indian and International university models. Being in Executive Management team, she is a strong administrator and has demonstrated her skill to deliver in areas that require a multidisciplinary integration, pedagogical interventions, quality assurance and diplomatic handling of dynamics.

She completed her Doctorate with UGC Scholarship and her Ph.D based book has been recognized by Parliament of India. She is on Editorial Board, is a reviewer, and has published in several reputed international journals. Her interest areas are Relationship marketing, Branding, Strategic marketing, and customer experience.

A Certified Accreditation Expert from ACICS, an international education accreditation body in Washington DC, and having led Indian School to be awarded National Board of Accreditation (NBA) approval, she has a proven track of delivering responsibilities and demonstrate commitment to students, research, and community engagement.

She also has been invited as a Speaker to USA and Canadian universities and has delivered adult learning workshops in USA as a part of her previous assignment. She was a Member of Academic Council- Curriculum Review, University of Delhi, Academic Council, BIMTECH and Secretary, Governing Council, and Academic Council, Universal Business School and Staff Representative, Governing Body, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, University of Delhi.

She has strong passion for technology and its use in education and for experiential learning component of academic pedagogical models. Her passion is to ensure that universities must be in sync with international standards and stay updated with latest developments in global education industry especially in academics.




Universal Business School

Director-Quality Assurance &


November 17-till date

Asian Business School, Noida

Adjunct Dean, Trainer

November ’16-May ‘17

BIMTECH, Fore School,


Adjunct Faculty, Trainer

April 2013 –Sep 2016

New Delhi Institute of

Management (NDIM



Sep 2010 – Dec 2012

Modi Group’s Western International University&

Stratford University, USA

Dean- School of Graduate Studies

Dec 2007 – Mar 2010

Mar 2002 – Feb 2006

Birla Institute of Management

and Technology (BIMTECH)

Chairperson-Centre for Retail

and Professor

Mar 2006-Dec 2007

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of

Commerce, University of Delhi (SGGSCC)


Aug 1987 –Mar 2002


  • Relationship Marketing: Focusing on Consumer Complaints, New Century Publications, 2003
  • Stress and You, New Century Publications, 2003

Articles in Newspapers/Magazines

  • Do Companies Listen to Consumer Complaints? ”, DELHI MIDDAY, Nov 20, 1999
  • It is Quality which Determines Relationship ”, PIONEER, 2001
  • Consumer Awareness of Certification through ISI-mark and ISOs”, CONSUMER VOICE, Nov- Dec 2002

Research Paper


Year of Publication

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(filing of patent in process)

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“ Let the Marketing Students be a Marketer, not an Analytical Researcher- A Conceptual CRM Model for Customized Marketing Education”

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