Top LLM Specialization and Programs in India

A degree in law is a matter of prestige, especially in a country like India where the legal profession is of the most respected ones. However, many are not just content with a bachelor’s degree. They want to become Master of Law (LLM) with a specialization. This is a good trend. Today, many specialized subjects in law have separate legal standing. Therefore, with a LLM degree, one can exclusively concentrate on a single industry and offer their services. Here are some of the top LLM specializations and programs in India you can opt for a great career.

Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual property covers intangible assets like ideas, concepts, plans, etc. Previously, in our country, intellectual property was not well protected, but things have changed for the better now. There are better and separate laws to protect intellectual property, which has given rise to LLMs specializing in this subject. The advent in technology has given rise to questions related to copyrights, trademarks, domain names, patents, technology processes. Therefore, there’s a need for definition and protection regarding the stated through laws of intellectual property. Many cases that are taking place currently become precedents in defining laws and making amendments. Hence, this is an excellent specialization to do LLM.

Technology Law
Technology law also used to be an archaic, low-priority aspect in the legal environment a few decades ago. However, India is now the Information & Technology hub of the world, and laws have had to be created to meet the needs of rising technology in everyday life. Today, there’s renewed vigor in this subject, especially the legal side of it. India is now full of multi-million and billion-dollar tech companies that also need legal protection. Therefore, if you want to specialize in Technology Law for your LLM, you are making a good choice, as you can get a good job, good clients, and earn a high salary package.

Corporate Law
Corporate law has to do will all aspects regarding the functioning of a corporate company. Corporate lawyers look into the dealings, tax liabilities, permissions and other important function of a corporate entity. Corporate companies also have liabilities to the government, local municipal bodies, their employees, and their shareholders. Therefore, look after all the intricacies and liabilities involved, corporations use the services of corporate lawyers or corporate law firms. There is a huge demand for corporate lawyers, and the salary packages are also high. Therefore, many lawyers with a bachelor’s degree are opting to specialize in corporate law for their Master’s degree.

Gender Studies
Gender inequality is a burning issue in our country and still quite a hot topic in other countries as well. Many times, the inequality is fought in a court of law and needs legal recourse. Besides this, gender studies also have many applications in regards to defining laws, hiring policies, human resources policies and more. Gender studies cover a vast number of topics. Therefore, lawyers specializing in gender studies for their LLM is gaining momentum. Besides the employment and remuneration opportunities, there’s also social aspect attached to the issue which attract many law students. Therefore, gender studies are also a good subject to do your LLM degree in.

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