Top Career Opportunities in Law


Law is an interesting field of profession. It is one of the oldest fields and one of the most respected lines of work around the world. Though there was a phase a few decades ago where students were losing interest in this field, due to various factors and advancement in technology in the past few decades, the law as a profession is now seeing it’s due. Plus, with the country and the economy growing, more and more lawyers will be required to serve many different domains of expertise. Therefore, if you have attention to detail, good debate skills, and a desire to help people, a career in law might be just for you. Here are some great new opportunities in law to watch out for.

Corporate Lawyers

These lawyers mostly serve large corporations. It is their job to provide advice on the legality of their transactions, legal advice on all company matters, and legal protection in case any litigation arises. It is their duty to fight legal cases on behalf of the corporations. Corporate companies prefer hiring a law firm on retainer, but many of them also hire an in-house lawyer. Since the knowledge required for this job demands a lot, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the field of law.

Patent Lawyers

With a rise in entrepreneurship and technological advancement, patent lawyers are high in demand. Inventions and innovations are being done on a daily basis, and it is the job of the patent lawyer to analyze and assess whether any product is eligible to get a patent. The lawyer helps individuals and companies to help get a patent on it the product. And if the patent’s copyright is infringed upon, the lawyers also fight the case for the individuals or company. Patent lawyers also make a good living.

Tax Lawyers

Tax lawyers advise individuals or companies on all matters related to tax. They mostly represent them in front of local, state, or central tax agencies or tax bodies. It is their job to stay updated on the latest changes rules and regulations regarding taxes. They also have to advise their clients on what can happen to their money and business with the changes in taxes. Tax lawyers also need to have a deep knowledge of accounting. Owing to high demand, many law students are opting to specialize in tax law.

Technology Lawyers

With the rising number of tech innovation companies, there’s a massive need for technology lawyers. This field sometimes overlaps into corporate and patent, but now many law schools are coming up with specialized degrees purely for technology. Technology lawyers and tech lawyer firms are now being hired by many established and up and coming tech companies to protect their technology and companies. Therefore, the career opportunity in this field is quite a few.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate is one of the most valuable things on earth. Therefore, it is only natural that a separate field of lawyer exists for it. Daily, there are many transactions done worth millions and billions regarding the buying and selling of real estate. Therefore, individuals and organizations need the expertise of lawyers to ensure there is no wrongdoing, and all transactions are according to the government laws, and legalities are looked after. There is an upsurge of jobs in the field of real estate law.

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