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The Founder’s Day Power Talk Series

February 1, 2018 | News & Events

Day 1:

The Founder’s Day Power Talk Series is being held as a precursor to the Founder’s Day which will be celebrated on the 3rd of February 2018. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Chetan Bhagat, bestselling author and motivational speaker who spoke on the topic “Life Skills for the Millennials.”  He wooed the crowd with his easy wit and charm and gave the students an insight as to how to follow their passion and raise above the self and society imposed boundaries. It was a completely interactive session where in students, faculties and budding writers posed various questions which Chetan Bhagat answered in his inimitable style , sharing vignettes from his own life as examples. While concluding Chetan Bhagat said that he was impressed by the questions imposed by the students and enjoyed every bit of it.​

Here is the video link:


Day 2:

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, Governing Council Member (AIMA) , Member-UGC  addressed the students on “Future Technology Changes and How We Can Take Advantage.”

Dr Hari Krishna Maram is the Digital Brand Ambassador of and Chairman and Founder of Imperial College Bangalore. Dr Maram serves as the Governing Council Member of AIMA (All India Management Association) and is also the Vice President at AIMS (Association of Indian Management Schools).

The Interactive talk session was very informative because of the many facts and figures that Dr. Maram used to emphasize the core of his lecture, which was how technology and collaboration are today’s  buzzwords for success,

Dr Maram ended his talk with a very significant point that like in the Indian Movies of yore, where heroes would take the lesser used path to reach faster than the villain, the youth too must do things differently in order to be a success.

Hari Krishna Maram, Governing Council Member

Day 3:

The concluding sessions of the Founder’s Day Power Talk Series  held on the 2nd of February 2018, were taken by Mr Vishwas Shetty , National Head – Sales, IndiaBulls who spoke on “ Is being super talented the only way to succeed in the corporate world?”  and Mr. Srinivas B. C., ,  Deputy Director, Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence spoke on “Impact of GST on the domestic market.”

Mr. Vishwas Shetty gave a very frank and realistic picture of what to expect when starting work, the likely challenges and the sure fire way to success. He shared his own experiences in a witty manner and had the students smiling often while connecting with what he said. The students of the School of Management who formed the audience took away precious food for thought on how they should be envisaging their future.

The importance of being conscious of the image one is projecting, the language used and the willingness to work were brought out succinctly in the interaction.

Mr. Srinivas B. C. , presented a clear and detailed explanation of GST, a less understood reform in the Indian Economy. The students of the School of Law who formed the audience had many questions to ask and were enthusiastic in their responses to the queries by Mr. Srinivas.  The history of taxation, the previous scenario and the rationale behind GST were explained with examples and real life situations. Explanation on why some laws relating to taxation were made and tips on career in Law dealing with taxation were also discussed.