When it comes to fashion design as my selected discipline, it has been nothing short of an amazing journey, especially because it?s my field of interest. The only drawback so far being not able to attend classes offline and missing quite a few industrial visits because of the pandemic. In these few months of studying fashion as a major, I?ve realised and learned that there?s so much more to fashion than we know of and that really intrigues me, I?ve learnt of things that I never even knew existed! It?s not just the sketching or stitching of clothes, it?s the study and understanding of fabrics and their construction, the history and evolution of costumes, the understanding of sustainability and adhering to it, the form of non verbal communication expressed through fashion, the way it gives identity to people to express themselves, the infusion of technology with textiles, branding and labelling, marketing and so much more. I want to conclude by saying that fashion is not all glamour and with my learnings and experience, I aspire to show that to the world some day, and design for a purpose!