“Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi” As the hemistitch of Sanskrit shloka refers that the “Mother and motherland are superior even to Heaven.” Our soldiers take care of our motherland. We sleep because our soldiers wake. We live in peace because they guard and protect us. What army does is always and only for the country. Surgical strike is a well-planned militant affair. At the end of the day what anyone aspires from life is immense happiness, peace, and satisfaction. If every civilian adheres to it the world would be a happy and peaceful place to live in.
As per the guidelines of UGC, Surgical strike day is observed at the University campus.The event was conducted online and the session was well received by the students and the faculty members with more than 100 participants.

Event details are mentioned below:
1) Talk-session by Major.Nithi, an army veteran who conducted a session on importance of Surgical strike Day, Career options in defence and Woman in defence.

2)Students pledged their support for armed forces by writing letters and cards which were both in digital and hard copy format. These letters and cards will be shared with PRO Defense and PIB for publicity across various media (UGC instruction ) .Collage with the theme ‘’Surgical Strike ‘’ is made by School of Design , which will also be sent with ‘ Thank you ‘ notes

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