Studying Engineering at Presidency University Means Exploring a Glistening Career for your Future

study and explore a glistening career

study and explore a glistening career


While attempting to understand the marvels and applications of engineering, we at Presidency University offer some of the most established Engineering courses such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering.

Admissions open for 2018-19 School of Engineering at Presidency University.

Understand the Basic Essence of Engineering

Engineering is akin to a robust problem-solving attitude while taking cues from maths and science. One needs to not only have the right temperament, but also aptitude, an urge for evolving with newer concepts constantly and researching ground-breaking ideas. All this expands over a myriad range of industries and application processes.

In brief, engineers are all-around solvers of problems

Be it designing green buildings, automation or developing microprocessor chips, these are meant to ease out the processes, save effort and solve real-world problems in the most analytical way possible.

Apart from the fact that it is arguably the highest paying profession in the world, it is known for opening doors beyond just professional realms. Pushing people to stretch their boundaries, exploring novelty in every walk of life and going beyond the ordinary are a few of the key points we keep in mind before designing the curriculum for Engineering here at Presidency.

But the Gnawing Question is: Is Engineering Really Meant for You?

Still not sure if engineering is the right stream for you? Take a quick questionnaire below to know if you have got what it takes to be an engineer.

  • Are you swamped with constant bursts of unattended ideas?
  • Was maths or science one of your favourite subjects?
  • Are you always curious to learn about new things around you? (How the universe works? How the moon affects sea tides and what challenges do they pose?
  • Are you always looking for new and creative challenges?
  • Do computers and machines fascinate you?
  • Do you still relish the thrill of constructing and deconstructing things – maybe something you did as a child?
  • Is Building or troubleshooting machines something that you find exciting?

If you have ‘yes’ as an answer to most of the questions above, then engineering and you are meant to be!

Engineering Has a Steadfast Competitive Edge Over Other Courses

This is because:

  • Engineering isn’t just a course that follows trends: Engineers from a wide range of fields are always in demand, especially mechanical, civil, computer and electronics.
  • Growth opportunities are aplenty: As a burgeoning economy, India has always, and will for a long time, cater to multinationals marking their presence. Thus, opening the doors for engineering as a field of choice. Studying engineering of your chosen field of knowledge from us, means that you have the inherent attitude, right skills and empowering subject knowledge to climb up the ladder to success. Global and national companies are more likely to invest their time and effort in budding engineers from our University as they have honed their skills under the guidance of our experienced faculty.
  • Location doesn’t matter, skill does: With globalization on the rise, engineers can practically work from any part of the world for any part of the world. They are basically required everywhere and across a range of applications and industries. And yes, going beyond the location-based need is definitely one of the biggest reasons for engineers to be successful.
  • Salaries that can fulfil ambitions and aspirations: Higher salaries might be one of the primary driving forces for students to join this course in the first place. Well, when a career requires you to be at the pinnacle of all things with skills and dedication, then it surely pays off in the end.
  • A path-breaking career that is in constant demand: With engineering constantly expanding by leaps and bounds, there is no dearth of jobs. An education at Presidency University hones your skills to perfection, and we boast of a 100% placement record.
  • A profession that gives back to the society: We seldom find professions that contribute more to the building of society as engineering does.  By solving issues, providing empowering solutions and contributing towards a holistic development of society, engineers are known for benefitting societies on a worldwide scale. Whether it is changing the dynamics of global warming, green revolution or simply helping in keeping people safe and secure, engineers surely contribute in the most constructive way possible to the society.


So, are you someone who is thrilled enough to pursue engineering? If yes, then you have just landed at the right place!

The esteemed School of Engineering at Presidency University envisions to hone young minds of today into awe-inspiring engineers of tomorrow. Our B.Tech. programme spans for four academic years. Each academic year has two semesters during which various courses are offered as per the designed curriculum structure. The first year builds a strong foundation with basic courses in humanities, sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences. Core courses specific to the discipline are offered from the second year onwards and the choices of electives from in third year, helping the students choose career streams of their choices.

Academic Departments of School of Engineering at Presidency University

Offered programs of School of Engineering by Presidency University are as follows:

  1. Petroleum Engineering: Read more about the course here.
  2. Mechanical Engineering: Read more about the course here.
  3. Electronics and Communication Engineering: Read more about the course here.
  4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Read more about the course here.
  5. Computer Engineering and Data Science: Read more about the course here.
  6. Computer Science Engineering: Read more about the course here.
  7. Civil Engineering: Read more about the course here.

The depth and breadth of our university lies in the fact that we rely heavily on self-discovery, curiosity and a penchant to arm every student with the right skillset and educational prowess. From some students who know exactly what they want to study, to others who are strapped with an incessant desire to test the waters with their skills and are hence open to different streams, we welcome them all!

To sum it up, there’s curiosity and innovation in abundance in the world of Presidency – from within our campus extending to other realms of our society.