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Student teams of Presidency University won prizes in Bridge Design Workshop, IIT Bombay, 16-17 March 2019

April 8, 2019 | News & Events

Student teams of Presidency University won prizes in Bridge Design Workshop, IIT Bombay, 16-17 March 2019

Two Civil Engineering Student teams from Presidency University secured  Second and Third places in the  Balsa Wood Bridge Hands On Fabrication Competitions as a part of the  Bridge Design Workshop of (AAKAAR), Annual Civil Engineering Technical Festival,  held at IIT Bombay on  16-17 March 2019. Also in the Quiz Competition, another student of the University,  Mr Rakesh B secured the 2nd Place.

Winning teams from Presidency University were :

Team 1 – First  Place    

  1. Nadeem Kalli
  2. Honey Sudhilal
  3. Manuragh R.J
  4. Amrutha D
  5. Mebin Mathew

Team 2 – Third Place

  1. Rakesh B
  2. Nithish V
  3. Sumanth Samuel

Quiz –  Second  Place – Rakesh B

Bridge Design Workshop (AAKAAR) was a complete package of analysis, design, exploration and testing. It included software learning (StaadPro) with hands-on bridge fabrication using Balsa Wood. There were interesting lectures based on mega structures and technology implementations, case studies on different bridges etc. The Workshop included instruction on the key structural components of Structural Engineering and bridge construction – beams, arches, trusses, suspensions, and test for maximum load. The main objective was to present practical and economical methods for evaluating, inspecting, strengthening and rehabilitating bridges.

Workshop Highlights

  • Design, Fabricate and Test your own Bridge made of Balsa wood.
  • Exposure to new technologies involved in Bridge Engineering.
  • Understanding the concepts of different Bridges through case studies.
  • Competition to measure efficiency of the fabricated Bridge Structure.
  • Lecture – 4 Hrs
  • Design – 5 Hrs
  • Fabrication – 4 Hrs
  • Testing and Competition – 2.5 Hrs

Around 25 teams from over 45 colleges across India participated in the Workshop. Important participant institutions were : IITs, NITs and few local institutions of Bombay. Besides, students from all over India including Bihar, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra participated in the Workshop and Competitions.

Following are the names of other participants from Presidency University:

Shubham Tiwari, Vinay K.A., Shivakumar Dalali, Chaman Madamshab Melagatti, Varun V, Syed Atif Junaid, Sushmitha K S, Suchitra G N, Nihal Das, Hakim Sibtain, Pavan Kumar, Shaik Abdul Faheem, Nirmal Prabhu V, Swaraj Singh, Gagan R, Abdulrajak Patel, Arka Majumder.

Faculty-In-Charge,  Mr. Aaron Darius Vaz, Dr. Nakul R, Ms. Anju Mathew and Dr. S.B. Anadinni, were supportive to the teams clarifying all their analysis and design doubts, guiding them through the fabrication process.