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One of the best things about Presidency University is the many wonderful student organizations. Student organizations are an important part of campus life. They ensure students grow beyond just academics. They are a fabulous place to unwind, meet like-minded students, and have a better outlook on life. These student organizations also actually have a positive impact on academia and the students’ resume as well. They acquire skills that will help them once they enter the professional world. Here are some of the student organizations and clubs at Presidency University that will help you grow.

Magazine Club

If you have a flair for writing, this is the club for you. Here, you get to write for the in-house magazine of the university and showcase your writing, analyzing, researching and investigating talents. Students’ articles and features will also help them in their professional life.

Science Club

Science is all for those to love science and technology. This is a wonderful place to increase your knowledge of science through debate and discussion with peers. The club also participates and hosts many events. Presidency University’s Science Club has done really well in many events and has won accolades. This is a wonderful organization with many personal and professional benefits to students.

Cultural Club

Students with a penchant for performing arts like singing and dancing should join the Cultural Club. This is the place where their talent will be honed, and teams will be created for them to participate in college fests and intercollegiate competitions where they can win accolades for themselves and the college.

Theatre Club

The theatre is not just about acting. Along with it, you also get to learn scriptwriting, improv, body language, and so much more. Students in this club get an opportunity to take part in intercollegiate competitions and represent Presidency University. Who knows, the next big actor or actress will come from our Theatre Club.

Yoga & Meditation

Student life is stressful. The Yoga & Meditation Club is here to teach students about the benefits, and propagate a stress-free life that will help them deal with whatever situations they may face.

Photography & Art Club

In this club, students get to learn the nuances involved in outdoor photography. In their free time, students get to click pictures and improve their photography skills. They also learn from a professional photographer.

Speaker’s Club

A lot of students suffer from the fear of public speaking. They should join this club where they will learn to speak publicly through various tried and tested methods. Students become confident public speakers which is a skill that’s useful throughout life.

Culinary Club

Cooking is a life skill every person should know, and students interested in this should join the Culinary Club. Not only will they learn the basics of cooking, but they will also get a chance to improve and become near-professional level cooks.

Cinemascope Club

Films are a passion for many, and those who want to indulge in this passion should join the Cinemascope Club. Along with film appreciation, students also get to learn lighting, and software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe, which are industry standard film editing software.

With so many student organizations, the campus life at Presidency University is full of learning and excitement. So, if you are considering joining, the awesome student organizations are one more reason to be part of Presidency University. Enquire today!

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