Social Media unveils the ‘Invisible Talent Pool’

Social Media unveils the ‘Invisible Talent Pool’

Talent management practices of organization have undergone a paradigm shift driven by predominant use of social media in the recent times. Social media platforms are not only being viewed as a platform to share content but also a way to explore opportunities. Being connected matters a lot in social media platforms. The predominant use of social media has turned the trend prevailing in recruitment. The traditional methods employed by the recruiters for identifying a suitable candidate are becoming superseded due to the gaining popularity of social media. Recruiters are now looking towards social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to spot the talent. There arises a necessity for the potential job seekers to have a better online presence to capitalize on the job opportunities. To grab the attention of the recruiter’s one has to maintain a continuous presence on social media and build credible online profile over time.

The social media is viewed by the recruiters as a platform to promote opportunities and careers, not just jobs. The job seekers have to make the most out of the social media to capitalize on the opportunities and position themselves online. The social media platform is being used by HR and Marketing Professionals for wide variety of applications such as Recruitment, Learning and Talent development, Innovation, Surveys, User Generated Contents such as reviews, feedbacks about products, services and design etc.

Online Profile really is an online resume and career history; there it has to be up-to-date, professional, and a good depiction of who you are. There should be clear distinction between personal information and professional information. For example, Facebook is often considered as a personal information sharing platform whereas LinkedIn is career oriented and professional networking plays a huge role. The underlying point is that if recruiters go online for surfing the best talent then there is a need for the job seekers to utilize the power of social media to grab the attention of the recruiters. Hence social media helps to access the talent market and it helps to unveil the invisible large talent pool.


Dr. K. Balanagarajan

(Asst. Prof, School of Management, Presidency University, Bangalore.)

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