PUSoM and PUSoL jointly organised a seminar on ‘Goods and Services Tax’ Act (GST) in Bengaluru. Attended by corporate executives, academicians and students across the state, the seminar endeavoured to educate the delegates about the various dimensions associated with the GST. Commencing with the Curtain Raiser by Prof Dr. Kamal Ghosh Ray, Dean-PUSoM, the Seminar saw many eminent personalities discuss the various associated facets of the GST. CA S.Raghu and CA Ravi Kumar were the Guests of Honour.

The Panel Discussion, moderated by Prof Soman Nambiar, Sr. Professor, School of Management which had domain experts who participated, was the highlight of the Seminar. Representatives from the Revenue department opined that the School of Management and School of Law should conduct more of such seminars on critical issues in the field of trade and commerce.

PUSoM organised a two-day Out-bound Learning Program, at Ramanagaram, for MBA 1stYear students. The students were ingrained with team-building and leadership skills through events like Jumaring, Rappelling, Management Games and Zipline, etc. They were taught to work in teams through tent-erecting, trekking and other games. Overall, it helped students comprehend the need to be team players and leadership-driven. This exercise was under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

The Management Club conducted a series of student-centric events. A Mock-Parliament was conducted debating on Article 370. Essay competitions were held. Debating Competitions on topics like “Demonetization” and “LGBT” were conducted.

The Senior Students welcomed the Juniors with a “Freshers’ Day” , crowning the Mr. Fresher 2016” and “Ms. Fresher 2016’, respectively.

Talent Day was organised by the Management Club. The day was also celebrated as the Ethnic Day. The diversity in culture at the School Of Management is very evident.

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