Name : Dr. Amrita M A

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D.

Amrita has more than 19 years of wide-ranging experience in industry, teaching, research, consulting and academic administration. A penchant for teaching led her into academics where she has simultaneously worked extensively on the implementation-related aspects of Business Process Reengineering in the manufacturing sector resulting in Doctoral degree from the University of Mysore. Post her Ph.D., Amrita has worked as Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has anchored the Indo-German Program for Advanced Research facilitated by UGC-DAAD in the area of Smart Cities.
Operations Management, Business Analytics, Strategy
Convener - Consulting and Sponsored Research Projects
Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Business Process Reengineering, Process Management, Service Operations, MSMEs
Book Chapters: ·         Amrita MA, Akhilesh KB, “Operations Management of Cyber Physical Systems”, Smart technologies - Scope and Applications, ISBN 978-981-13-7138-7, Springer Nature Switzerland, AG, 2019 ·         Amrita MA, Akhilesh KB, “Digital Masters - Blueprinting Digital Transformation “, Smart Technologies - Scope and Applications, ISBN 978-981-13-7138-7, Springer Nature Switzerland, AG, (2019) Paper Publications: ·         Amrita MA, GVP Harshitha, MS Ajay, published a paper titled “Comparing India with UK & Israel’s’ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem : Accelerating Entrepreneurship by Gap Identification”  in the conference volume on “India’s Changing Paradigm : Skills and Entrepreneurship or Global Entrepreneurship" ISBN 978-93-84262-59-4. September 2019. ·         Manoj S, Amrita MA,”Data-driven systems for Food Supply Chain Management(FSCM) - A Study Of Select Food Manufacturing Industries In Bangalore, Journal of Exclusive Management Science – Special Issue March 2019 - ISSN 2277 – 5684 ·         Amrita MA, Aisha Sheriff, “Exploration of Critical Organizational Climate Factors Impacting BPR Implementation : A Survey of Indian Companies”, European Journal of Business and Management, ISSN 2222-1905 ( Paper) 2222-2839 ( Online) Vol. 7, No.10, 2015 ·         Amrita MA, ‘CEO Interview; Himalaya Drug Company’, M.S. Ramaiah Management Review, Vol III Issue 1, Jan- Jun 2011. ISSN: 0975-7988.