Name :Mr. Kumar Shivam

Designation : Assistant Professor

Department : Physics

My PhD dissertation entitle “Geometry and Physics of Entanglement” explores geometrical structures of quantum mechanics and quantum information. Quantum entanglement is a non-local correlation exhibited by composite quantum systems. This non-local correlation can be used as a resource for many of the real-life application for example teleportation, quantum key distribution(fundamentally unbreakable) which can’t be done using any classical resource. There exists a variety of useful measures to quantify these quantum correlations for a bipartite quantum system. My current research interest is focused on studying these measures and its geometrical properties. I am also working on modeling and characterization of some of the stochastic processes like first passage time distribution, cover time distribution of a random walk on different topological manifolds. Apart from research I am also interested in teaching. Teaching has always been one of the most satisfying experience for me. I am taking a course in ENGINEERING PHYSICS (PHY-101) during Aug-Dec of the academic session 2018-2019.
Teaching, Course PHY-101
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, Statistical Physics