Dr. Ravi Kumar Trivedi

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: Physics

Following my basic grounding in Physics in general up until my Masters, the duration of my doctoral and Post-Doctoral work has provided me over six years of experience in computational modeling of nanoclusters, superatom, hydrogen storage materials and 2D heterostrucutres. This has involved hands on training with DFT (Density Functional Theory) simulation technique using computational software like Gaussian 03, 09, Quantum wise ATK tool and VASP. Our work has merited publication in international journal of repute (RSC Advance, Int. Journal of Hydrogen energy, AIP Proceedings, J Molecular Modeling, and Journal of Materials Science). As a consequence, I feel that I have a good theoretical and computational understanding of first principle techniques in general and how they apply to system in condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry. Beside these obviously technical additions to my profile I have also inculcated qualities of team work and effective communication, which were essential, as a lot of my work was done collaboratively. The documentation associated with classifying the voluminous computational data has greatly influenced my research methodology by making it more organized and carefully precise. Frequently conducted seminars conference and workshops in my department and other universities (ICTP Italy, IOP Bhubaneswar, IUCA Delhi and etc.) where I presented my work offered me a chance to hone my presentation skills and convey the essence of my work with greater clarity.
Teaching, Labs
Electricity and Magnetism, Condensed Matter Physics, Electrodynamics