Name:Mr. Prajwal Kumar A

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.Tech(Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gujarat)

Mr. Prajwal Kumar A. has completed his B.Tech. from B M S College of Engineering, Bengaluru and M. Tech. from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinar. He has joined as an Assistant Professor in Presidency University, Bengaluru in 2016. He took courses for Petroleum Engineering and other branch students. He took courses like Petroleum Production Engineering, Well Logging and Formation Evaluation, Heat and Mass Transfer, etc. till date. He was actively involved in establishing and upgrading of Heat and Mass Transfer Lab and Petroleum Testing Lab. He has guided 17 students during Professional Practice-I which is the USP of our university. He has also guided 10 Students during Institutional project. He is a regular member of Presidency University Badminton Team.
Member at Society of Petroleum Engineers

Registration Coordinator
Class Coordinator
Member BOS for Petroleum Engineering
University Project Coordinator, Petroleum Engineering
Sample Descripti Heat and Mass Transfer, Petroleum Production Engineering, Well Logging, etcon