Name : Mr. Nageswara Rao Atyam

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Tech (P.hD)

Experience: 8 Years

Awards, Medals, Achievements, Patents, etc
  • College 2nd Topper in M.Tech (PSC&A)
  • Reviewer for Various Reputed Journals.
  • Reviewer for the 8th International Conference Soft Computing for Problem Solving - SocProS 2018.
  • Reviewer for the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies, i-PACT-2019.
    Memberships, affiliations, etc IEEE Member. SOCPROS Life Member

    Mr. Nageswara Rao is an Assistant professor in the Department of EEE, SoE at Presidency University Bangalore. He was having eight years of experience in teaching and Research. He taken part in various workshop, seminar and lectures in his career like more than 20. His research and teaching attention includes Electrical Power System, Smart Grid, and Wide Area Monitoring System. Also interested in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. He is an active reviewer and member of for various journals and research groups.
    Mr. Rao is Committed for Shaping the future by discovering new knowledge, put into action through programs, Clubs, Student Chapters and focusing today, tomorrow and forever. Also, strive towards the creativity dedicated to teaching, lifelong learning, professionalism, research, entrepreneurship, and partnership with local and global communities. Compassionate, creative and effective educator and teacher-leader with valuable experience in classroom, administration, professional development and project planning. Extensive experience in the education environment as a student-centric Instructor. Academic facilitator and instructional coach. Equally effective whether performing independently or as a member of team. Well versed in the technology education. Captivating, fascinating, and unique practices that creates interest for individuals at my work place. Experience to display exceptional communication, teaching, interpersonal and leadership abilities.
    Electrical Power Systems.
    Conference papers : 1
    Journal articles : International : 9
    Synchrophasor Measurements, WAMS and Voltage Stability