Name:Dr. C R Jyoti Prakash Naidu



Dr. Prakash Naidu has worked in or has been affiliated with leading institutions, laboratories, and industry as well as start-ups and SMEs in the UK (University College London, University of Derby), USA (MIT-Spin-off Companies at Boston, University of Phoenix- Arizona), Canada (University of Toronto and Spin-offs, Meritus University, Carleton University), and India (CAIR-DRDO, IRIS, HMT) in different capacities. He has been recognized by several awards and honours including the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship (1992-96), Defence Technology Spin-off Award received from the honourable Prime Minister of India as Project Director of Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (2005), and National Mechanical Engineering Design Awards (Senior- 2003, Student- 1979) from National Design and Research Forum, Institution of Engineers, India; Canadian Star of Global Health Award (2013) from Grand Challenges Canada funded by the Government of Canada for Bold Ideas. He is the originator of the field of Design for Automation as an extension of the Axiomatic Design Theory established at MIT, and his research interests include Design Theory and Methodology with applications for Design of Intelligent Systems, Design for Patentability and Sustainability in the fields of medical devices, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, robotics, automation, virtual reality, business methods and other areas overlapping with multi-disciplinary aspects of humanities and social sciences. He has vast hands-on design, development, and product realization experience ranging from manufacturing systems for specialized aerospace components to biomedical devices with several patents issued or under process; one of his major achievements being development of pioneering DNA Arraying System for biomedical applications culminating in sale of technology to industry for considerable fees and royalty. He is a licensed member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada