Name : Mrs. Kehkeshan Jalall S

Designation: Assistant Professor

Obtained Masters of Technology, VLSI Design and Embedded Systems. I would grade myself as an effective communicator with excellent planning, organizational, and negotiation strengths. I have the ability to lead, reach consensus, establish goals, and attain results. I am seasoned to train students and provide excellent project guidance at the university level. I have published papers in many international and national journals, and presented papers in conferences. I consider myself to be a friend and a motivator to the students. I love reading books, because I believe reading, helps a person to grow not just intellectually but also emotionally. I strongly believe the youth of our country will always make us proud and we have a great responsibility as teachers, of nurturing them.
VLSI Design, Verilog HDL, VHDL, Basic Electronics, Microelectronics, Analog Electronics, Microprocessor. CMOS VLSI design
Class Coordinator, Faculty Advisor, University Project Guide
VLSI Design, Image Processing, Neural Networks, Embedded Systems, Microelectronics
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