Name:Ms. Shaleen Bhatnagar

Designation:Assistant Professor.

Qualification: M.Tech(Pacific University)

I am having 7 years of teaching experience. I am specialized in Data Structures & Algorithm, Database Management System, computer programming, object oriented programming using C++, and Software project management and can provide students with instructions and explanation for different topics. Keenly interested to get involved in the research work of Image processing, Machine learning and pattern recognition.
ERP Coordinator.
Class Coordinator.
Faculty Advisor.
Database management system, Data Structures, Computer Programming with C, Object Oriented Programming
Conference papers: 8
Journal articles: International:2 National:1 Others (Participation) Workshop on High Impact Teaching Skills, Organized by WIPRO at GITS, Udaipur. Symposium on “WIPRO Mission-10x” for Faculty Development and Recent Trends in Teaching organized by WIPRO at GITS, Udaipur. Participated in Two weeks ISTE workshop on “Software Development Techniques for Teachers of Engineering and Science institutes” (Python, Latex and version control) by IIT Bombay. Participated in 2-days International Workshop on “Mobile & Cloud Computing” IW-MCC 2012. Organized by Techno India NJR Udaipur, in association with IEEE computer society India Council. Participated in the national workshop on “Android and iPhone Application Development” Organized by Logic Pace Technologies Pvt. Ltd. GITS, Udaipur. Participated in 2-days ISTE Workshop on “Research Methods in Educational Technology” conducted by IIT Bombay, under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD). Completed certification of Professional development in Java Fundamentals and Java Programming, conducted by Oracle Academy.
Image processing, Machine learning and pattern recognition.